Essential Greenland Travel Guides

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Planning a trip to Greenland can be a little daunting. Information is difficult to find on many of the major towns beyond Nuuk and Ilulissat, and what does exist is not typically practical.

This is where our series of Ultimate Travel Guides comes in.

Here you can find the most detailed and practical information on the web about planning a trip to Greenland. We also provide extensive guides to many of the major towns in Greenland (we will continue to add to the list), including:

  • Where it is located
  • How do you get there
  • What is there to do
  • Where do you eat and sleep

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Greenland

Wild and remote but still accessible. Greenland is a must for the adventurous traveler

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nuuk

Located on the West Coast, Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and the cultural hub of the island.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Ilulissat

The largest town in Disko Bay and the most popular destination in Greenland due to its icebergs.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sisimiut

The 2nd-largest city in Greenland – located in the Arctic Circle Region with stunning back-country.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Kangerlussuaq

The gateway to Greenland from Denmark with the ice sheet on its doorstep and abundant land-based wildlife

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Aasiaat

The logistics and education hub of North Greenland, Aasiaat is off the usual tourist path but worth a visit

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Maniitsoq

Gateway to more glaciers than you can imagine, and some of the best fishing and skiing in Greenland

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Qaqortoq

The largest town in South Greenland and the hub for well-preserved Viking Ruins

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Tasiilaq

The largest town in East Greenland with its jagged peaks and very traditional settlements

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Uummannaq

The largest town in North Greenland and home to enormous icebergs and stunning landscapes

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