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Get to know about accommodation in Greenland

accommodation in iceland

Where to stay in Greenland? Use this article to find the accommodation in Greenland that best suits your preferences; cheap, comfort or luxury.

Hotels in Greenland

There are many Hotels in Greenland, and most of them are classified with a five-star system like in Europe. Many have their own restaurant, ranging from state of the art cuisine to more ordinary food. 

Hotel apartments in Greenland 

There are several great Hotel apartments in Greenland, for those who might want to cook a meal themselves. 

Guesthouses in Greenland

Greenland has a growing number of guesthouses who are in general cheap, simple and sufficient.

Bed & Breakfast in Greenland

For a more personal feel of Greenland, choose a bed and breakfast. 


Cottages are used as milestones on several different hiking and dogsledding tours depending on the season. These are a unique way to explore the nature with safety en route, and as stepstones to keep track. Keep in mind: Most of Greenland has Polar Bears at different times a year, and minus degrees combined with wind, can give life-threatening chill factors within hours. 

You will also find cottages that are very suitable for a stay close to the fantastic nature of Greenland, for the whole family, you and your friends and/or for team building purposes. 

Camping in Greenland

Your stay in Greenland need not be expensive.

There are no camping sites in Greenland as such, but there is an endless number of good places to set up your tent in the backcountry. The land belongs to everybody, so you can place your tent almost anywhere in the mountains. Beware of signs and warnings regarding local tsunamis from calving glaciers.

As nature is strong in Greenland, we urge you to take additional precautions; Never hike alone, always have a backup plan and ensure a tracking device, GPS and communication.  

Otherwise make an agreement with a local adventure company who can guide you, or help you with renting gear and information.

Farms in South Greenland

Staying on farms while in Greenland can be a good choice, if that's what you're looking for. This option is only available in South Greenland. We have some of them listed as hostels and farm holidays here on Guide to Greenland.

Are we missing a good place? 

What type of accommodation do you prefer? Please write to us if you have suggestions for improvements. Thank you for helping us improve.

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