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Adventures in Greenland

The biggest gateway to Greenland is called KangerlussuaqOnly a few people stop over in this village, but it could easily be a destination in its own rightThere are many reasons why you should not
Arctic Circle Race cross country skiing in Greenland When the signal sounds end of March to start the 160 kilometre, traditional skiing race in Sisimiut’s eastern, mountainous terrain, competitors c
Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail Will Change Your Life!When I first mentioned to friends and family that I was going to hike the 103-mile Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland, carrying all my survival goo
 1. There are only sled dogs north of the Arctic Circle (Sort of)The reason for this is the desire to keep the Greenlandic sled dog race pure, and the reason the line is drawn so far north is
Hotel AngmassalikA friendly and modern hotel with a unique viewAll roads lead to Iceland, from where it is just a short flight with Air Iceland to Greenland’s east coast. A Bell212 from Air Greenl
The light current in Kong Oscar Fjord steadily pulls my kayak towards the iceberg. Seen through a wide-angle lens it appears to be calm. But suddenly the water changes colour. Dark blue, green, ligh
I have just returned from an adventurous tour in Greenland. Although I am hardly back, my mind is still there. The tour was unforgettable; I experienced new feelings and longings and became closer t
On Thin Ice in TasiilaqNuka Utuaq has one of the best dog teams in Tasiilaq and he drives his sled every day in the winter season.Nuka Utuaq is a busy man. When he isn’t hunting or fishing, he tak
So much to experience in Greenland - where to go and when? Greenland is a country with adventurous possibilities, endless fjords, huge glaciers, high mountains and beautiful sights along a coastline
As the boat that had brought us here, faded to a small red spot in the midst of this steely blue vastness, we waved goodbye and began to carry our gear from the beach up to the small wood cabin, our s
Dog sled across Liverpool landGreenland experienced from a dog sled – an impressive journey through time and space When the dog sled whizzes along and the wide open spaces just get wider and wider
Several hundred chromebright arctic charFinally we are here, and everything seems perfect. No matter whether I focus on the details, like the little flowers at my feet, or the large landscape that s
The best dive is yet to come if you haven’t dived in Greenland Swimming around in below-freezing water sounds cold. And so it is, but that’s soon 
forgotten when, 40 metres down, you are surrounded
45 days of paddling off Greenland’s north-western coast, in endless summer days of midnight sun. This is the adventure experienced by four outdoor enthusiasts who were overwhelmed by the light on the
The author of this article lived in Greenland in his youth. Now, he has returned to see the country again and to enjoy nature from a sea kayak. Here, in his own words, he talks about growing up in Gre
Kim Insuk is the only resident Korean in Greenland. Here she tells about some of her many experiences in the country she call her »second home«I first visited Greenland in 2010 and have lived here
A cruise along the west coast of Greenland should be on everyone’s bucket list. Cruising in Greenland with Rembrandt van RijnAt the beginning of October 2013, I was fortunate enough to be invited
Jens-Pavia Brandt and Nini Frydkjær went out into the mountains around Kangerlussuaq together with their girls Liva and Sika, for four weeks. As soon as the aircraft arrived at Kangerlussuaq in the
Exploring Greenland was a dreamBert Poffé is a Belgian explorer married to Kiki Nárdiz from Spain. They tried quite a lot worldwide, but found Greenland to be a unique place of immense beauty, – but
Just like the snail, we take our house with us, when we take a cruise along Greenland’s south-west coast. With the Hurtigruten’s ship - MS Fram as a base, we take the voyage into the very heart of the
Groenland, de Kangerlussuaq à Sisimut, le long du cercle polaire arctique en aller simple.Participants :Je suis Coralie, je voyage depuis toujours. Que ce soit avec mes parents, mon copain, des am
A day I will never forgetIt had been a really rough day at work. The problems were standing in line that day and there was no end to it, so I was dead tired when I finally got home.  The telephone
The many small herds of musk-oxen are a pleasing sign of life on the otherwise relatively desolate Arctic tundra. They live in large numbers in several places in Greenland, one of which is Kangerluss
Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and a great place to kick off your arctic adventures on the world’s largest island.  But where is it? How do I get there? How long should I stay? And what is there to
Do you prefer to be outdoors in the fresh air? See and learn more about Arctic wildlife and flora? Find beauty in the mountains and some of the oldest rocks of the world? Discover how best to experien
Ilulissat is the most visited tourist destination in Greenland due to the famous Ilulissat Icefjord.  But where is it? How do I get there? How long should I stay? And what is there to do in Ilulissat
Are you an art or music lover looking to discover new talent?  A food lover keen to try new tastes? Or simply someone interested in learning a little about the history and customs of Greenland while y
When is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Greenland? Why is Greenland the best place to see them?  And what exactly are they anyway? Read on to discover why you should choose Greenland over