Guide to Greenland travelThere is so much to experience in Greenland but where to go and when? 

Greenland is a country with adventurous possibilities, endless fjords, huge glaciers, high   mountains and beautiful sights along a coastline with very few cities and inhabitants. 

It might seem difficult to decide where to go in Greenland, and what time of the year to travel. So the simple answer is, to make your own:

Guide to Greenland travelGreenland Bucket List 

Midnight sun and whales are only seen in the summer. Dog sledding are only possible in winter. Icebergs can be seen all year around, but not in the dark, except if there is Northern Lights… so, if you want to visit Greenland, you have to create your own Greenland bucket list, and then, as step two, prioritize what you want to see the most, second most, and so on. 

To help you choose, we made a list of Top 5 winter attractions in Greenland, and a list of Top 5 summer attractions in Greenland. See them both below. Further more we described some of the things each season has to offer below in this article.  

As Greenland is the size of several US states, or Western Europe all together, the corners of Greenland are quite different. The differences is seen both in population, development and nature, which widely vary from hunters in the north to sheep farmers in the south, and from high mountains that peaks in the east, to cliffs rounded by the former glacier's retreat during the last ice age, in the west.

Guide to Greenland travelGreenland is a contrasting country

Greenland is indeed a country filled with contrasts. In the bigger cities you can meet modern highly educated people, who may still be hunters in their spare time, or practice sports with “today's wod” in the local fitness institute while watching news on CNN.

In the smallest towns you may find a home with a huge flat screen TV, and the sled dogs leashed just outside the door, waiting for goodies from the seal that is being cut at the kitchen floor. New and old meet constantly and form contrasts in Greenland.

Guide to Greenland travelGreenlandic TV has a limited selection of its own production, and international television channels and pay per view are equally used as in the rest of the world. Instead, Social media such as Facebook has become Greenland's family channel number one.

This is due to the fact that there are no roads between the Greenlandic cities, so you can not visit each other so often. Visits are made by boat, helicopter or plane during the summer, and boat, dog sledding or snowmobiling in the winter, depending on where you are in Greenland.

Guide to Greenland travelGreenlandic Cultural heritage

Strong cultural symbols are preserved in, among other things, the traditional apparel for men and women. Particularly the colorful national costume for women is a strong cultural symbol, and is still used for every occasion from baptism and weddings, to graduation and funerals.

Modern Greenlandic art has also preserved and renewed various strong cultural symbols, such as the Greenlandic woman knife the ulu, the kayak, the harpoon and the wildlife in Greenland - with polar bears, whales and birds among the favorite motifs.

There has also been a rapid development in Greenlandic gastronomy since the turn of the millennium. Traditional Greenlandic foods like herbs, locally caught fish and meat, merged with all the world's cuisines and styles, into a new and exciting chapter in Greenlandic food history. 

Guide to Greenland travelWinter season in Greenland

Winter is long in the Arctic, from first snow in October to last snow in April, depending on where in Greenland you go. This is only the new snow – there are several places in North Greenland and on the mountaintop’s where snow and ice is an eternal state. Not to mention the huge icecap covering some 80 percent of the entire country. 

Guide to Greenland travelFor those who never experienced snow or seen northern lights, or tried to get lost in a snow blizzard and felt it freeze to the bone… this a unique time of year, where only a few explore minded people find their individual way to Greenland

It is only north of the polar circle, it gets dark 24 hours a day. From the middle of February the sun is coming back from South to North, and the dog sledding season starts, sometimes lasting until may, all depending on the weather and ice conditions. 

Guide to Greenland travel

Top 5 winter attractions in Greenland

Northern Lights
Arctic Circle Race 

Guide to Greenland travelSummer season in Greenland

During summer sailing is one of the best ways to experience Greenland. Here you can be lucky to get close to the ocean's largest mammal, whales, and close to colossal glaciers and icebergs. Even if you choose a comfortable hotel holiday, give yourself the pleasure of taking a day trip into a Greenlandic fjord. 

Guide to Greenland travelHiking is another way to get into the nature. Huge fjords and long mountain ridges, former glacier tongues now kilometer long deposits of rock, gravel and sand, beautiful valleys with grass and arctic flowers. For the less experienced, guided tours are recommended. Many destinations in Greenland has marked hiking routes with different levels of difficulty that can be done in a day or less.

Guide to Greenland travelSea kayaking has also become very popular in Greenland, and more and more offers guided sea kayaking tours in many places in Greenland. To slide through the water in a sea kayak, offers many opportunities to get close to the wildlife.

Guide to Greenland travel

Top 5 summer attractions in Greenland

Midnight sun
Nature & wildlife
Fjord tours 

Guide to Greenland travelExperiences in Greenland

To emphasize that you can enjoy the culture all year round, we also added this a All-Year Top 5 Experiences in Greenland

Guide to Greenland travel

All-Year Top 5 experiences in Greenland

Greenlandic food 
Drum- & Mask dance 
Traditional clothing  
Greenlandic Art exhibitions 
The people of Greenland