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Nuuk is a modern city where new and old cultures meet. If you walk in the fells behind the town or take a boat trip in the huge fjord system, there are magnificent nature experiences in storeNuuk
South Greenland has a lot of wonders to offer the adventurous traveller. It boasts beautiful blue icebergs, rolling Green landscapes, mountainous areas and exceptional hiking paths, taking you to th
If you are looking for the ultimate Greenland experience, a few days in East Greenland are definitely worth considering.The mysterious and mythical East Greenland has remained tucked away between
The sheet in IlulissatFlying at low altitudes over mountains and icebergs is quite extraordinaryIt feels marvellous to climb aboard one of Air Zafari’s small aircraft at the airport in Ilulissat
Good food and hospitality in Kangerluarsorujuk. At the sheep station at Kangerluarsorujuk the lamb tastes of wild thyme and homemade crowberry preserve is served at breakfast. But a stay with Lars and
The first time you ride on a dog sled, you have this fundamental idea, that the dogs are in front and the sled follows behind. But this is not always the case.Let me say right away, dog-sledding i
One of Greenland’s biggest summer guests is the hump-back whaleIt comes like a migratory bird in the month of May and swims in the larger fjords along the coast until October, when it swims back to
Do not try to fly from US via Iceland- or Europe - to Greenland! Why visit Greenland? Let it be for the few adventure travellers and explorers who dare. Why concern yourself with how to fly to G
Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat  Greenland has expanded with five new outdoor rooms. Here you feel you are living out in the fells in Greenland, despite being surrounded by the finest luxury, hotel rooms