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Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
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Private Glacier Cruise | Narsap Sermia Glacier | Nuuk
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Pay by the Hour Private Charter | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
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Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq
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The best of South Greenland, is to be experienced on this 7 day adventure.

Come along on this South Greenland adventure, an adventure by sea and on land. Combining the two, makes for great greenlandic adventures. This tour is for anyone, in love with the wonders of South Greenland from glaciers and passing icebergs to the fruitful arctic tundra.

South Greenland is best described as the quintessence of charm. Unlike the rest of Greenland, there is easy access between the cities and attractions, both by boat and by foot.

The next 7 days will be spent exploring Erik The Reds fjord. Erik The Red settled in Greenland over 1,000 years ago and gave the country its name, today he still haunts the fjord of South Greenland, as his name lives on. The fjord holds impressively many wonders, from Norse ruins, hot springs and glaciers. The adventure takes you to several destinations around South Greenland, described in the itinerary below.

The adventure includes daily boat tours and accommodation.

You will be staying in the charming town of Narsaq. Idyllic stands horses tethered outside the Niviarsiaq Guesthouse that will accommodate you and your fellow explorers, for the next couple of nights.

You will be staying in rooms either with a double bed or a room with two single beds. If you are interested in sleeping alone, you can buy a single room as an add-on.

The adventures will take place on the Flipper 630 HT, a lovely boat with 6 seats.

Find your hiking boots and bring your binoculars! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Choose a date’’ above.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Activities: Whale Watching, Sightseeing, Hot Spring Bathing, Cultural Activity, Fishing, Glacier Views, Iceberg Views, Boat Tour, Settlement Visit
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Languages: English, Danish, Greenlandic
  • Highlights: Norse Ruins, Uunartoq Hot Springs, UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland, Qooroq Icefjord
Pickup information:
    Narsarsuaq Airport
    You meet us at the departure location.
    • Accommodation

    • Boat tours

    • Meals

    • Alcohol & soft drinks

    • Flight return from Greenland

    • Flight to Greenland

    What to bring:
    • Warm clothes

    • Hiking Boots

    • Warm socks

    • Backpack suitable for adventure

    • Summer season extras

    • Sun lotion

    • Sun glasses

    • Waterproof garments

    Good to know:

    As the adventures takes place by sea, bring warm clothes.

    The currency in Greenland, is Danish kroner.

    The weather is undependable in Greenland, therefore the itinerary can be changed or a tour can be cancelled.

    Daily itinerary

    Day 1 - Arriving in South Greenland

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today you arrive in Narsarsuaq, South Greenland.

    Narsarsuaq is a former military base, and today an airport settlement. Situated in the Tunulliarfik fjord, Narsarsuaq is the gate to South Greenland. With Narsarsuaq as your first destination, you are set for the adventure. Before leaving on your passenger boat to Narsaq, you have a little time to explore ''The big plain'', that is the meaning of the name Narsarsuaq.

    There is easy access to the Greenland ice sheet, as it is only 6 kilometers away from the settlement. Furthermore traces of the second world war are scattered across the area, explore abandoned factories and get an insight to the involvement of Greenland in the second world war. If not interested in history, explore the beautiful surroundings. Narsarsuaq has its own forrest, planted by the inhabitants of the settlement. The arctic forrest is to be explored by you, in the presence of arctic hares, foxes and eagles.

    After exploring the small settlement and its surrounding, you will venture into Erik the red's fjord and your next destination of the day will be Narsaq. Get on board the passenger boat, and feel the arctic winds flow through your finger tips and travel along the humpback whales and traveling icebergs.

    Arriving in Narsaq you will settle in at Guest house Niviarsiaq. The rest of the day will be spend by fishing for arctic charr.

    Mastering the art of fishing is tricky, as you must have patience for getting a fish on the hook. HKM Travel, will show you the best artic charr-fishing spots in the area.

    Day 2 - The Greenland Icecap & fishing for cod

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today's adventure takes you to the biggest arctic wonder of them all, the Greenland Ice cap.

    With the bare eye, you can spot the Greenland icecap from Narsaq, but of course you want to get closer to get a better glimpse of the majestic ice azure.

    Your adventure starts from your base camp in Narsaq. Get on board HKM Travel's boat and venture towards Qalerallit Sermia glacier.

    The journey to the glacier, is filled with travelling icebergs in all sizes and shapes. Stand in the rays of reflection of the blue and white nuanced ice flakes, as you make your way to the Greenland ice cap. The arctic winds will long to play with your hair, and adrenaline will rush through your body, as you move between the icefilled passages.

    Arriving at the glacier, you will get as close as safety allows. The glacier proudly stands, with it glacier walls reflecting themselves in the water. Hearing the soaring of the glacier, is a unique experience.

    Next glacier stop will be to the Naajat Sermia glacier.

    After admiring the majestic glacier, you will explore the deep seas by cod fishing. Fishing is a highly adored by the locals, as it is a part of the Greenlandic lifestyle. Cod fishing by sea angling requires a bit more strength, as you get a larger amount of fish on your hook.

    Return to Narsaq will be just as mesmerizing, as the ice filled passages never stops to impress.

    Day 3 - Uunartoq Hotsprings

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Remote and uninhabited lies Uunartoq Island.

    Despite holding hot springs the island was never inhabited, as ancient tales of the Inuit, explains that the island was haunted.

    Today the only haunting of the island, is its beauty that will leave you emotionally drained. Surrounded by sky high mountain tins and passing icebergs.

    Your adventure sets out with a boat ride of 4 hours, that will lead to the Uunartoq Island. By now, you might already have gotten familiar with the Greenlandic seas, that is chronically surrounded by stunning nature.

    Go a shore and wander through the wilderness of the island, following a small path that will take you to the Hot springs.

    The hot springs are a leading destination in South Greenland, so you will be accompanied by visitors from all towns of Erik The Reds fjord.

    Sit in the 38° celsius water temperature and enjoy a glass of sparkling champagne, while you enjoy the mesmerizing view. Pull on your bathing suit and bring a towel for this day's adventure. If you are not already bloated from adventure, visit the nearby settlement Alluitsup Paa.

    Day 4 - Exploring Narsaq

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today you will have the time to explore Narsaq. The adventure takes place on solid ground.

    Horses are idyllic tethered outside the houses, waiting for the true cowboys of Greenland. It is a land to be explored by horse or by feet with adventures waiting for every explorer to experience. The town is specked with all specialities, that will decorate your inner explorer with adventure and culture.

    Walk in the ancient path of the Norsemen on an out of town adventure, as ruins of the Landnamsgaard farm is in walking distance from the town’s museum. Narsaq museum is located in an old colonial building by the harbor, with its core telling stories of the modest and harsh living conditions once dominating the life in Narsaq town, in the early colonial period. The museum holds a permanent exhibition regarding the Norsemen and their settlements around the South. Another permanent exhibition, is a tribute to the beloved poet, painter, politician and priest Henrik Lund. Famous for being inspired by the South Greenlandic beauty, and for passing on a new generation of poetry.

    For a spiritual get-away, visit Narsaq church. With its white wood walls, and reds panels, the church is a must to visit. Deeply inspired by the German Morravian missionaries is the church decorations, telling stories of the missionaries travels along the coast.

    The backdrop of Narsaq, keep rare earth minerals in the Dyrnæs-Narsaq complex, holding sandstones, granite, lava and tugtupit. Further more the complex holds sheep and horses, grassing the plains. Explore the backland of Narsaq. Go on an action packed ride on the bumpy roads leading to nearby farms and get handy with the farmers, or a mysterious mine.

    Day 5 - Excursion to Qarqortukulooq & Qaqortoq City

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today's adventure will take you to the captial area of the South.

    First stop of the day will be Qarqortukulooq, also known as Hvalsey Church ruins.

    The Hvalsey Church ruins are the best kept ruins from the norsemen. It is said to be the first christian church in Greenland and was built in around 1300. The fruitful arctic tundra and the massive beauty, attracted the norsemen to settle here. An adventurous historic atmosphere dominates the area, and as you walk through the plains, you see why the norsemen chose to settle here. A briefing of the area's history will take place at the Hvalsey church ruins.

    Next stop of the day, will take you to Qaqortoq. Qaqortoq is the capital of the south and resembles the Italian rivera, just in a smaller and arctic version. Qaqortoq regardless winter or summer, is the quintessence of coziness.

    From the top of the mountain hills, down the small Spanish passages routing through colorful houses to the harbor of charming, colorful and radiant Qaqortoq, will enchant you to fall in love with the city.

    The town is famous for its urban, avant-garde and creative city life, as artists and explorers resides the town, creating a south European and relaxing atmosphere. Qaqortoq is specked with history, as the grounds that the town rests on, was a former trading ground for inuits.

    The town is to be explored by foot, and when strolling through the colorful town, be attentive of stone carvings made by the famous South Greenlandic Aka Høegh and fellow nordic artists. Explore ancient Inuit culture and vanished ages , at the local museum of Qaqortoq.

    Day 6 - Exploring Igaliku

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Igaliku is famous for being Greenlands most beautiful settlement.

    When going a shore you will be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings. Your adventure starts by hiking the Kings road, that will lead to Igaliku. Sky high mountain tins with powder white snow resting at their peaks, colorful flowers and grassing sheep, is to be taken in on this breathtaking excursion.

    The settlement is a popular vacation destination for the Greenlandic people, as the stunning surroundings provide balm for the soul, and so does the wonderful people of the settlement.

    Day 7 - Qanassiassat forrest & Qassiarsuk village tour

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today's first adventure is to the science project Qanassiassat, that has evolved into a tourist destination, as the planted forest is surrounded by mesmerizing surroundings creating a picturesque scene.

    Qanassiassat was planted by scientists in 1953. The mission of planting the forrest was and is now a self growing forest, that will be able to grow in large parts of the ice-free areas in South Greenland by 2100. Enjoy the remoteness, and explore the forrest, by climbing a South Greenlandic tree. Leave a trace of your existence, that hopefully will be there by 2100.

    Next stop will be Qassiarsuk. Centuries of sheep farming and agriculture both by the norsemen and the Greenlandic people, is to be explored.

    The village Qassiarsuk was established by Erik the red and became the Norsemen's stronghold, Brattahlíð. The establishment of agriculture and sheep farming, is still in continuance today in the small village.

    Day 8 - Return to Narsarsuaq

    Best of South Greenland | 8 Days | Narsaq

    Today the adventure ends, but not before exploring what you missed last time, you visited Narsarsuaq.

    Now it is up to you, if you want to return home or explore the rest of the mesmerizing country. Many Greenlandic adventures awaits you!

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    We had an absolutely fantastic holiday in Narsaq and the surroundings! Our lovely tour guides Ulrikka and Hans from HKM Travel made really their utmost to make us feel comfortable and let us enjoy the beautiful nature, villages and people of South Greenland. An unforgettable 10+ holiday! Also a special thank for Iluuna from Guide to Greenland for good communication and patience for my endless questions. Thank you!
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