Sermermiut Settlement Walk | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Sermermiut Settlement Walk | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Hike among the Mountains | Nuuk
Hike among the Mountains | Nuuk
Kapisillit Settlement Visit | Nuuk
Kapisillit Settlement Visit | Nuuk
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Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland
Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Do I even need to tell you WHY you should join this tour? I mean, look at the photos. Do you like being sporty while holidaying? Do you like finding alternative ways to get from A -  B while holidaying? Do you prefer spending as much time in the nature as possible? This is the tour just for you. 

Combining a tour on two wheels, by paddling and by walking, can and will take you to places you never thought existed. It will take you to places not many has been to - because you can't go there without either riding your bike, kayaking or hiking to the destination. 

But why Greenland? 

Lonely Planet named this country #9 on their Top 10 Countries to see in 2016. There are 195 countries in the world. The tourism industry has been expanding ever since. But what mesmerizes me so much, is that everywhere you go, still seems so untouched and pure. 

This 12 day tour will take you to the southern part of Greenland. You will visit villages with no more than 40 people living there. You will see towns with 1.500 people living there. This will automatically give you an impression of the greenlandic people, culture and traditions. 

You will be walking through valleys, hiking to viewpoints, seeing tons of icebergs and paddling amongst them. You will be sleeping in tents under the stars. Who knows, you might get to see the northern lights too? 

You will never walk alone, as your guide will guide and instruct you, everyday to make sure that you're safe, that you get all your questions answered and so he/she can teach you some greenlandic language - maybe. 

Are you ready for 12 days you will forever remember? Pack your bags and your camera! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’choose a date’’ above.


Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jul. - Sep.
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Kayaking & SUP, Hiking, Biking, Greenlandic Culture, Glacier Views, Iceberg Views, Camping, Settlement Visit
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Narsaq, Norse Ruins, Narsarsuaq, Flower Valley, UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland, Qooroq Icefjord
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : Departure from Reykjavik Domestic Airport.

Keflavik International Airport, Iceland
You meet us at the departure location.
  • Return flight between Keflavik-Narsarsuaq (excl. taxes)

  • English speaking expedition guide

  • Transfers in Greenland according to daily itinerary

  • Full board (all meals during tour)

  • Accommodation according to daily itinerary

  • Camping equipment

  • RIB boat travel equipment

  • Visit to Brattahlid reconstructions

  • Kayak and equipment rental

  • Any other aspect not listed as "Included"

  • Unexpected expenses as a result of weather conditions (including difficulties or cancellations due to ice or weather conditions) or flight or boat delays

  • Lunch on flight days

  • Travel insurance

  • Airport taxes and issuing tickets fees (165-200€)

What to bring:
  • Good, practical clothes for outdoor activities. Bring layers, so you can regulate according to the temperature

  • Good boots for hiking

  • Wind- and waterproof outer wear

  • Prescription medicine if necessary

  • You will receive a full equipment list

Good to know:


This is an active and physically challenging, but suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, who doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent and goes hiking and biking on a regular basis. As for the kayak, as we will be sailing in an area of calm water and due to the stability of our double kayaks, previous experience in kayaking is not required (although is recommended).

The tour will only be confirmed if there are between 6 and 12 participants.

Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions. Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather.

In Greenland the currency used is Danish Kroner (DKK), foreign currency is not widely accepted. It is recommended to bring Danish Kroner. Using credit and debit card, an PIN-code is required.

From mid-August, there are chances of seeing northern lights.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - From Narsarsuaq to Qassiarsuk

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

1st day of your holiday. A flight from Keflavik International Airport (Iceland) will take you to Narsarsuaq (the southern airport in Greenland). Your greenlandic adventure has started and you can look forward to the next 12 days. Every day will be full of adventure - that's a promise.

Arriving in the Land of Ice and you will be met by your English speaking guide. Shortly after arrival you will be crossing the Eriksfjord towards Qassiarsuk.

There will be dinner and overnight stay at either the Leif Eriksson Hostel or Tasiusaq.

Day 2 - Tasiusak Bay

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

1st day waking up on solid, greenlandic ground. Get ready for a great, active day. We will start off trekking to Tasiusaq farm. Why Tasiusaq Farm? Because it's a place with only seven inhabitants. They live extremely isolated right next to a Fjord which's almost always blocked by ice and icebergs. Already on your 2nd day in Greenland you will get to meet the greenlandic people and learn much more about their culture and traditions.

Your chances of getting exceptionally great photos of nature and icebergs are good today - and everyday onwards. You're travelling in the southern part of Greenland which means; there are lots of green hills - yet still icebergs. That's incredible contrasts.

After visiting the farm your guide will instruct you in how to enter the water safely in a kayak. It's very important that you feel safe which our competent guide will ensure.

We will do our first kayaking-session an paddle through the protected area of Tasiussaq and Nunataaq farm.

Overnight will be in tents.

Day 3 - Navigating amongst icebergs

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Today we will be entering a quite unique area. The only way, at this time of the year, you can get there is by a kayak. Due to ice that blocks, boats can not pass through. That makes this day even more special. You will be on your own in the middle of this greenlandic, impressive nature.

We all know when places which are too touristy. That won't be the case today!

We will pass the area among ice and icebergs.

The shore of the Fjord is our destination of the day. Here there'll be a camp ready for us. Today we will spend the night in tents. Before dinner we will go for a short hike to a peak where we'll be able to enjoy and admire the impressive view of Eqalorutsit Glacier.

Day 4 - Kayaking and fishing

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Today we will spend yet another day on deep blue water. Early morning we will leave the camp to go kayaking.

Some might think that the kayaking, and the nature that comes along with it, is already seen and done. What we hear our guests, and ourselves, saying: you can never get enough of the nature. Especially this nature, here in Greenland.

Another day spend alongside icebergs. Heading back to Tasiusaq farm where you'll be arriving in the afternoon.

You can after arriving choose to go fishing in the Fjord with us. The wildlife in Greenland is incredible, and why skip the chance of catching your, maybe first, fish in Greenland?

Overnight at either at Tasiusaq or Qassiarsuk Hostel.

Day 5 - Flower Valley

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Leaving from the Eriksfjord, going back to Narsarsuaq. Narsarsuaq which is most known for being no more than 9 km away from the Inland Ice. Narsarsuaq is also a place that has a lot of history thanks to Erik the Red. Erik the Red arrived in Greenland 1.000 years ago. He was the one to name Greenland; Greenland.

This area is also one to be explored. Therefore will we, shortly after arrival, put on our hiking boots and start our trek in the nearby mountains.

We will be passing lakes and rivers before arriving to the Flower Valley. I recommend you to google this to see yourself how special this place is. We will pass through this valley with views that even words can't describe.

Flower Valley may be on the top 5 list of the must-see in Greenland.

We will walk further away from the Flower Valley towards the famous Glacier: Kiattut. Here you will get unbeatable views of the ice.

We will walk to our main destination where a camp is set up. Here we'll be spending the night in tents under the stars and, maybe, under the northern lights.

Day 6 - Ice Cap View point and Ice Break in Qooroq Glacier

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Another day trekking through Greenland. We will continue our trek until we'll have the perfect view over the Ice Cap. We'll be looking over mountains, snow and glaciers. The Glacier is classified as being the most active in southern Greenland.

The photo above shows perfectly what today will lead us to. Have your camera ready!

We will trek back to the camp we stayed in yesterday, and spend yet another night in tents under the stars.

Day 7 - To Narsarsuaq through the Tundra

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

You've been in Greenland in a week. And why not celebrate that with incredible views? Today we will be approximately 1000 meters above sea level. We will get perfect panoramas of the southern part of Greenland. On our way back to Narsarsuaq we will pass viewpoints, lakes, rivers and valleys. What better way to be celebrating the 7th day?

We will be visiting the Qooroq Ice Fjord and have a look at the glaciers in the area. By a zodiac boat we will sail out to give you yet another thing to take pictures of; imagine icebergs and a lot of ice floating around us.

With a transfer back to Qassiarsuk you will, for the first time in a while, be back in a town. You are invited to a traditional dinner. You might

Here you are invited to traditional dinner. What is a traditional dinner? A dinner where Whale, Seal, Caribou is served.

Special dinner with typical Greenlandic products, whale, seal, caribou, mattak…

Accommodation at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 8 - Biking day

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

This day will lead us to a new town. And this day will bring us a new activity. By boat you will be transferred to Narsaq. By bike you can go sightseeing Narsaq. This town was founded in 1959 which makes this the youngest town in all of Greenland. It has 1.500 citizen which makes it the third most populated town in South Greenland.

You'll have time on your own to go explore the nearby mountains, the bay and the fish market - or if you have an interest in geology go explore the mine nearby.

In the afternoon we will find our way back to Qassiarsuk. On our way we will make sure to look out for humpback whales. The chances to spot some are quite high.

Accommodation at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 9 - From Qassiarsuk - Igaliku

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

9th day will be spend on sightseeing and biking.

Your guide will by boat take you to Itilleq. That's our starting point before leaving on a bike to go exploring the greenlandic nature on two wheels. We'll be biking around in one of the most beautiful, green areas in Greenland. We'll aim to show you the idyllic town Igaliku. 40 people lives here - that makes it an extremely authentic place to visit. You will be guided through the town and to the old ruins placed here in Igaliku.

After visiting the town and the ruins you'll have time on your own. We suggest you to take your bike for another ride to an impressive viewpoint nearby.

We'll head back to Qassiarsuk in the afternoon. Back to the Leif Eriksson Hostel where we'll be staying overnight.

Day 10 - Biking and exploring southern Greenland

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Today we will go explore a new area in the southern Greenland. A boat will take us from Qassiarsuk to Sillisit. Get ready to grab the bike, 'cause today will be all about that. We will be cycling in the landscapes of green hills, blue water and with icebergs in the horizon. On our way we will pass lakes, meadows and gorges.

Interested in ornithology and birdwatching? Look forward to this day. The chances of seeing a falcon are high in this area.

After the adventurous day we will find our way back to Sillisit.

Accommodation and dinner at Sillisit Hostel

Day 11 - Biking to Qassiarsuk

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Another active day. Your last full day in Greenland will be well spend.

We start off grabbing our bikes and we will slowly find our way back to Qassiarsuk. We will pass the Inneruulalik guest Farm. A place I bet is taken straight out of your imagination. A farm in the middle of Greenland, with a few houses, a few horses and a lot of beautiful views.

Back in Qassiarsuk we will check in at the Leif Eriksson Hostel where we'll be staying overnight.

Day 12 - Flight Narsarsuaq – Keflavik

Biking, hiking & kayaking | South Greenland

Last day - but not without adventures.

Rise and shine for your last day in Greenland. We will get a transfer back to Narsarsuaq to explore the town. With only 50 citizen, we'll end the journey just as it started; trying to get closer to understanding, seeing and exploring the traditions and the culture in the country you've been in for the last 12 days. We'll be walking around on a guided tour and your guide will tell you everything he/she knows.

Your guid will take you to visit to the original ruins from Erik the Red (the traveller in Greenland 1.000 years ago).

After the guided tour you will get time on your own to do whatever you prefer doing. You could:

go shopping, sightseeing, or visiting Narsarsuaq Museum Bluie West One.

The day is nearly over and the only thing left is to check-in and wait for your flight Narsarsuaq – Keflavik.

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