Dog Sledding Tour | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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10 years
Feb. - Apr.

Experience the pristine Arctic landscape around Kangerlussuaq using one of the oldest and most traditional forms of transportation in the Arctic - the dog sled.

Embrace Greenlandic culture as you are pulled through the tundra by a team of hardy Greenlandic dogs. They have been specially bred for this work over thousands of years by the Inuit, and their enthusiasm to pull, and the special bond that exists between them and their musher (dogsled driver) is plain to see. 

On this tour, you will travel primarily across the frozen, flat ice of the fjord. This can be a smoother and more pleasant ride than dogsledding over hilly terrain, and may be more appropriate for those who have some back pain. Your musher will also explain how to control and care for the dogs, and you may even have a chance to drive them yourself!

If you are worried about the cold - don’t be. We will provide you with the preferred outer clothing of most mushers - warm furs and insulated winter boots - and a reindeer skin placed on top of the sledge will provide a further layer of insulation. 

Wearing skins and dogsledding is the way of life in Greenland. Experience it for yourself by selecting your date of travel and clicking on Book Now. 


Warm fur clothing
Warm, insulated boots
Transfer to and from Dogsledding from Kangerlussuaq


Dog Sledding



What to bring

Warm winter wear. Ideally, you should dress in layers
Warm woolen hat
Scarf or buff
Gloves or mittens

Good to know

The tour will take a total of 3 hours, including transportation to the departure point and safety briefing. You will be on the dogsled for 2 hours.

Although you will be given fur outerwear, you must still dress warmly - preferably in layers

You must follow the safety instructions for dogsledding. In particular, do not hold the sides of the sled but rather the ropes in the middle.

You should never approach the dogs without the owner's permission.

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