Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North
Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North
Photo: Barbara Vang
Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North
Photo: Barbara Vang
Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North
Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

The Grand round tour of Greenland

This unique tour includes a visit to the green South Greenland, the modern capital Nuuk, and lastly Ilulissat - the town of icebergs. By plane, you will easily travel from one place to the other.

Visit Narsarsuaq in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq used to be an American airbase from Second World War and is today one of Greenland's international airports. It is a small village with around 150 inhabitants with beautiful surroundings, located close to the Inland Ice Cap. South Greenland is also historically rich - some of the Viking ruins here are among the oldest Viking ruins found in South Greenland dating back to around AD 900.

Visit Greenlands capital Nuuk

Nuuk is the largest and oldest city in Greenland with more than 16,000 inhabitants. The urbanization is very clearly seen here, with new buildings being brought to life each year. This gives Nuuk a very diverse architectural look, from the earliest wooden houses to the most modern energy friendly housing projects, and brand new suburbs.

In the old part of town, you find Nuuk Art Museum and Greenlands National Museum filled with history, art, and artefacts. Greenlands Cultural Centre named »Katuaq« is a vital part of the cultural scene, with theatre plays, cinema, music festivals, art exhibitions and a cafe who also serves brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Ilulissat the town of icebergs

The 4000-year old Inuit settlements which are found close to town, tells a story that the city's location is not random. Here are good hunting grounds and fishery, and a natural harbour gives shelter on most days, for the many fishermen and hunters who live here.

It is possible to walk, hike, sail and fly to the Icefjord, and the rewarding view when you get there is breathtaking.

Ilulissat Ice Fjord with its huge icebergs and massive production of ice are labelled a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Greenland is HUGE. There is a clear difference between south and north, both in the mountains and in the rest of nature, the people and the cities.

A trip from south to north, therefore, gives a wonderful impression of the vast land and the culture of the people living here.

The daily itinerary is described below. Check the booking availability by pressing 'Choose a date' above.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jun. - Aug.
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Cultural Activity, City Walk, Scenic Flights, Iceberg Views
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Danish
  • Highlights: Ilulissat Icefjord, Nuuk, Narsarsuaq
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 09:00.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup
Check in opens two hours prior to the flight. Make sure to be at the airport in time and check in at least one hour before departure.
  • Return flights from Copenhagen incl. all taxes

  • Domestic flights in Greenland

  • Transfers

  • Accommodation with private facilities and breakfast (Hotel Narsaq, Hotel Arctic & Hotel Hans Egede)

  • 1 dinner at Hotel Narsarsuaq & 2 dinners at Hotel Arctic

  • Guided tour of Narsarsuaq, Nuuk and Ilulissat

  • Tour to Erik the Red's Viking Ruins, South Greenland

  • Sunset Cruise on the Icefjord, Ilulissat

  • Whale Safari and Ilimanaq settlement visit, Ilulissat

  • Optional excursions

  • Travel insurance

What to bring:
  • Warm and light clothes, ideally dress in layers so you can regulate the temperature

  • Wind and waterproof outer layer

  • Good shoes or boots for walking

  • Hat and gloves

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion

  • Personal prescription drugs if necessary

Good to know:

The price per person is based on double room prices. If traveling alone make sure to choose the single room supplement when booking this tour.

Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions. Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather.

In Greenland the currency used is Danish Kroner (DKK), foreign currency is not widely accepted. It is recommended to bring Danish Kroner. In the towns credit cards are accepted in most stores. Using credit and debit card, an PIN-code is required. It is however handy to have some cash, in case of problems and if you for example wish to buy souvenirs directly from local artists.

Make sure to bring suitable clothes and footwear. The Greenlandic summer can be mild, but also cold. Bring light and warm clothes, that you can wear in layers and a wind/waterproof outer layer is advisable.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - From Denmark to Greenland

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

Today your adventure starts with a morning flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, straight to Narsarsuaq in South Greenland.

The airport in Narsarsuaq is an old American airbase from Second World War, which was used as a stop when flying from America to Europe. Today it serves as one of Greenlands few international airports. It is a small village with around 150 inhabitants.

At the airport you will meet your local guide, who has arranged transfer to Hotel Narsarsuaq, where you will be staying for the next couple of nights. At the Hotel you will have a welcome meeting, where you will be briefed about the upcoming days, the place and be able to ask any question you might have. Afterwards you will have a short, guided tour of Narsarsuaq. Use the day for unpacking, relaxing and getting familiar with the area. In the evening a welcome dinner is arranged at the hotel.

Day 2 - Viking ruins in Qassiarsuk

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

In year 985 the Vikings came to Greenland, or the Norsemen as they also were called. They were led by Erik the Red, who decided to settle at this place, you are going to visit. He made the place his farm and called it Brattahlið.

From Narsarsuaq we sail across Erik's Fjord, named after Erik the Red, to the sheep breeding settlement Qassiarsuk that is built on the place, where the Vikings settled. You will see that the landscape of South Greenland is beautiful and green, and is where you find most of Greenland's agricultural activities.

In Qassiarsuk you will, accompanied by a guide, visit the ruins of Erik's farm and Thorhildur's church, which is the first Christian church on the American continent. Also remember just to enjoy the quietness, fresh air and beautiful view over the fjord. After the visit you will return to Narsarsuaq. The tour takes around three hours.

Day 3 - Optional excursions from Narsarsuaq

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

Today you have the option of creating your own adventurous program. Below are listed three optional excursions from which you can choose to join on, for making the perfect day for you

Option 1 - Visit Igaliku Village:

We will sail from Narsarsuaq through Erik's Fjord, cruising through the icebergs, to the village Itilleq. From here it is a 3 km walk to Igaliku (transportation can be arranged for an additional cost). Igaliku is a charming farm village, a popular place among locals to go and spend their summer holiday. Apart from being beautiful the village also holds the ruins of the Vikings' Cathedral and Bishop's farm. This tour is the perfect mix of nature and history. After visiting Igaliku we walk back to Itilleq and sail to Narsarsuaq. The tour takes 8 hours and lunch is included.

Option 2 - Hike to the Ice Cap:

You cannot visit Greenland without seeing the great inland Ice Cap. This tour is for the fit traveller, who has no problem hiking at least 6 km in the mountain landscape. You will be taken by bus, as far as the road goes, before venturing out by foot through the Flower Valley, walking amongst the colourful flowers. We will enjoy our lunch at the top of a 300m tall mountain with a view over the Ice Cap. Participants who are in a good shape can walk down the steep hill to touch the Ice Cap. The tour takes around 8 hours and lunch is included.

Option 3 - Qooroq Icefjord cruise:

Get close to the big icebergs in the Qooroq Icefjord. The icebergs come from the Qooroq glacier, located at the bottom of the fjord. This glacier is originating from the Inland Ice Cap and every year it produces around 250 million tonnes of ice, that end up as icebergs in the fjord. Everyone can join on this tour, which lasts 3 hours with light refreshments included.

Day 4 - From Narsarsuaq to Nuuk

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

After breakfast at the hotel, it is time to get to the airport and continue the journey along Greenland's West Coast. From Narsarsuaq you will take a domestic flight to Greenland's capital, Nuuk. From the airport, in Nuuk, you will be taken to your hotel, located right in the city centre!

After you have checked in it is time to see the city on a guided tour. You will be introduced to the history and daily life in the capital and also visit the National Museum, with its very rich collection of old Inuit artefacts and even some well old, very well preserved Inuit mummies. The tour continues around the old Colonial Harbour, Our Saviours Church and to the parliament.

After the tour you can walk around on your own. The city center is very small, so you can easily walk from the hotel to where ever you like. In the evening there are plenty of different places to have dinner. In Nuuk there you find a variety of restaurants and cafés serving both international and local cuisine.

Day 5 - From Nuuk to Ilulissat

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

Have a filling breakfast at the hotel before you will be taken back to the airport from where your flight further North waits. You will travel across the Arctic circle to the town of icebergs - Ilulissat.

Get a window seat and enjoy the changing view of the landscape. After more or less one and a half hour, you will land in Ilulissat. From the airport, there will be a transfer to the hotel. You will be staying at Hotel Arctic, the worlds northernmost 4-star hotel! When you have checked in at the hotel an information meeting is arranged with the destination guide and you will be taken on a guided tour of the town.

After the tour, you have some time to either relax and enjoy the view from the hotel or walk around on your own. In the evening you are invited to a welcome dinner at the hotel. A lovely dinner based on local ingredients. After dinner, you will end the evening with a sunset cruise on the magical Icefjord. Cruise slowly among the big icebergs that fill the fjord and see the colours change as the sun sets as you enjoy a late-night drink on the rocks - the Greenlandic way! Depending on the time of the year, the sun might not set at all, as you in the middle of summer can experience the midnight sun.

Day 6 - Explore Ilulissat

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

In the morning you can enjoy breakfast at the hotel with a view over the fjord filled with icebergs. The rest of the day you can explore Ilulissat on your own or book optional day tours.

At yesterdays guided tour you might have seen some places that you wanted to go back to and explore further. You can either walk around the town and browse for souvenirs or go and explore nature. You should not miss the local artisan workshop, located on the way to the harbour. At the artisan workshop, the local artists produce different objects and jewellery from reindeer antlers, bone and other local materials. Often you can see artists work and buy souvenirs directly from them.

If you want to get as much as possible out of the day, join on the optional excursion that takes you out to explore nature and culture. You can choose to add this excursion when you book your tour. This tour combines two prime attractions around Ilulissat. You will visit the small settlement Rodebay, or Oqaatsut in Greenlandic, where around 40 inhabitants have their daily life, mainly being occupied with hunting and fishing. Rodebay is situated approximately 15 kilometres from Ilulissat and is only accessible by boat in the summer and in winter, by dogsled and snowmobile. In addition, you will see the great Eqi Glacier located around 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat. We will sail through the beautiful Ataa fjord. This is a great place for spotting whales, so keep your eyes out for these playful giants of the sea. Soon the magnificent Eqi glacier appears. The glacier front stretches over 4 kilometres! An overwhelming sight that truly shows the grandeur of the Greenlandic nature. We will spend an hour in front of the glacier, getting as close as safety allows. Eqi is one of the few places where the conditions allow us to get quite close to a calving glacier. The fjord is an ever-flowing stream of icebergs in all shapes and sizes. The tour takes 7 hours. Coffee and tea will be available onboard the boat and we will have lunch or dinner in Rodebay, which is included in the price.

Day 7 - Ilimanaq and Whale safari

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

Get a nice filling breakfast at the hotel to have plenty of energy for new adventures!

On today's program is a tour to Ilimanaq combined with a whale safari in the Disko Bay. Ilimanaq is a small village south of Ilulissat with around 50 inhabitants. To get there we will sail through the mouth of Ilulissat Icefjord, past the icebergs. The sailing time can vary depending on the ice conditions. In Ilimanaq you will have a while to explore the village, where some of the old buildings recently have been nicely restored. Take your time to enjoy the quiet village life and the view of the fjord.

After a while, it is time to continue the adventure on the Disko Bay. This is the prime summer-vacation spot for humpback whales. These magnificent sea creatures travel to the Disko Bay for the feasting on large groups of krill and small fish. Humpback whales are the most common, but you will be able to see humpback whales, minke whales, and fin whales. The captain will help you identify the many whales residing in the bay.

As this is your last night in Ilulissat you are invited to for a farewell dinner at Hotel Arctic. Enjoy the view over the fjord as the sun sets and reflect on all your new experiences before going back to pack your suitcase, so you are ready for leaving tomorrow.

Day 8 - Return to Copenhagen

Greenland by Air | 8 Days | South to North

It is time to have all bags packed and travel back to Copenhagen. 

Before leaving Ilulissat you will, of course, have breakfast at the hotel and then there will be arranged a transfer to the airport. Your trip to Copenhagen will go via Kangerlussuaq, so you will first have another domestic flight, before leaving Greenland.

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