Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland
Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

Would you like to experience soaring glaciers, untouched arctic tundra and Greenlandic culture on horseback? Then this adventure is just for you.

The whole adventure takes place on horseback, and we will visit what we consider to be the most beautiful features of South Greenland. Enroute you will get to explore farming culture, mountain passes, remote valleys, soaring glaciers, fjords of icebergs, rivers and majestic waterfalls.

The subarctic farming landscape that you and your fellow explorers will venture into on horseback, will be yours to explore.

The adventure starts at Ineruulalik Farm, where you and your fellow explorers will be granted a unique insight to the lives of a Greenlandic farming family. The Lund family that will be your hosts are warm and welcoming, and knows the lands like the palms of their own hands. It is not only on horseback that you will get to experience the majestic nature, but from your accommodation you will be able to watch icebergs drift quietly by. It is therefore promised on forehand, that you are constantly surrounded by the magnificent South Greenlandic nature. From Ineruulalik Farm, you are in near vicinity of the Qajiita glacier and the UNESCO world Heritage site Qassiarsuk. Another beautiful destination on this adventure, will be a 2 day excursion through untouched artic tundra to the Sermilik fjord. Sermilik means ice, and inherited its name due to its countless migrating icebergs. Enroute to the enchanting view points and destinations, you can find Norse Viking ruins and spot the numerous wildlife, inhabiting South Greenland.

The itinerary is described below.

Put on your helmet and tie your riding boots for this South Greenlandic horseback adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Choose a date’’ above.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jul. - Dec.
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Activities: Horse Riding, Sightseeing, Cultural Activity, Glacier Views, Iceberg Views
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Languages: English, Danish, Greenlandic
  • Highlights: Narsarsuaq, Qassiarsuk, Tasiusaq Sheep Farm, Inneruulalik, Qajiitat Glacier, Qooqut Glacier
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 12:00.

Narsarsuaq Airport
You meet us at the departure location.
  • Boat Transfer

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • 5 nights at Inneruulalik Guesthouse

  • Two nights at Sermilik Hostel

  • Flights

What to bring:
  • Wind-proof jacket

  • Woolen or fleece sweater

  • Gloves

  • Thick woolen socks

  • Headbands/ear muffs

  • Scarf

  • Long underwear (thermal)

  • Riding breeches

  • Waterproof Garments

  • Riding boots

  • Slippers

  • Lighter clothes

  • Sun block

  • Personal Items

  • Travel insurance certificate

Good to know:

The departure days are chosen to correspond with the Air Greenland fligths from Denmark to Narsarsuaq.

Bring only what is necessary during the tour. For the stay in Sermilik Hostel, one luggage for each rider will be transported by car to the hostel. Other luggage, like a big bag of traveling clothes, can stay at Inneruulalik Guesthouse during the entire tour.

We will hand out riding helmets for each guest and there will be a first aid kit at the guest house.

During the tour, we will have a smaller first aid kit with us at all times and a satellite phone (there is no cell phone connection during the tour and only limited connection at the farm)

All our horses are Icelandic horses and, during the tour, there will only be the horses for the guests and guides (10 horses). We don't ride with a herd of horses. We recommend that our guests have very good riding skills.

Pace: walking and tolt. We want the guests to have the time to enjoy the ride and nature

Breakfast and dinner will be served in Inneruulalik Guesthouse. You will make lunch packs from the breakfast table and eat lunch out while riding. Meals in Sermilik Hostel will be cooked by the guides. Dinner contains traditional farmers food with lamb or fish.

At booking, you can order vegetarian dinner for the entire stay at Guesthouse.

During the tour two horses will carry saddlebags with room for lunch pack and camera and both guides will carry back packs with guests lunch.

NOTICE: Terms and condition can be found in the supplier description. Ignore the field ''Terms of Service'' above.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arriving in Greenland | Inneruulalik Farm

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

You and your fellow explorers will arrive in Narsarsuaq, where you will receive a warm welcome by yours hosts Naasu and Piitaq.

Once you have picked up your luggage, the journey will take you across the bay from Narsarsuaq, where you will arrive at Inneruulalik farm. Inneruulalik farm has been in the Lund family for 3 generations, and you will get to experience what they precious so deeply! The farm is distant and remote, only surrounded by the luscious South Greenlandic tundra and the only company you will find is a soothing nature and the farm's grassing sheep. The farm is beautifully located on the shores of the blue fjord, where you can see the icebergs drift by quietly, while enjoying your dinner.

Day 2 - Horse companion introduction

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

Breakfast in the farmhouse will be served, before heading out for the days adventure.

You will be shown around the farm, and hear about a farmers life in Greenland. Once the tour of the farm is done, you will be introduced to your companion for the next 7 days. All Inneruulaliks horses, are Icelandic and each guest will ride on the same horse for the entire tour. After you and your horse have been introduced to each other, you and your fellow explorers will examine the surroundings of the farm on horseback.

While riding enjoy the still waters of Blue fjord and its migrating icebergs.

Day 3 - Enroute to Sermilik Icefjord

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

Wake up to another day, in wild, wonderful and vast South Greenland.

Today's adventure will take you towards the land of icebergs. You will be riding on deserted tracks to the village of Qassiarsuk. Following the deserted tracks is a truly once in life time experience, as you will be traveling in the company of the White-tailed eagle above you, while only surrounded by endless miles of arctic tundra. The luscious green hills, will enchant you to fall in love with the mesmerizing South Greenland!

When arriving in Qassiarsuk we will make a short stop, before continuing our journey to Sermilik Hostel. From Qassiarsuk we will venture above a mountain pass of 7 kilometers, enroute we will see the many crystal blue lakes and spot the numerous wildlife, found in the Greenlandic nature.

Sermilik is named after the Sermilik icefjord, as it is beautifully situated on the shores of the icy waters. The hostel was founded in 2014, but the lands have been occupied for nearly 3 generations. Surrounding the farm, you will be able to explore norse viking ruins.

Day 4 - Sermilik Icefjord

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

The day will be spend in the surrounding area of Tasiusaq sheep farm. The sheep farm is located in the fjord of Sermilik, and therefore we will be exploring the many view points, from where you will be experiencing the best features of Greenland.

Let the arctic winds slip through your hair, as you conquer the arctic tundra on horse back. Enroute to the viewpoints, you will come across one of the 620 sheeps of Tasiusaq. Seeing the sheep thriving on the arctic tundra, will wake your curiosity for what the south Greenlandic nature hides. Once we arrive at the view point, there are icebergs as far as the eye can see!

Day 5 - Luscious Valley & Qassiarsuk

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

The course will be set towards Inneruulalik farm. The routes we have chosen for you to explore, are the ones we consider to the most beautiful routes in our area of sheep farm stations. Enroute to Inneruulalik farm, we will ride through a luscious valley, with you and your fellow explorers as the only ones to explore the picturesque landscape.

Today you will also get to explore the agricultural village of Qassiarsuk. Centuries of sheep farming and agriculture both by the norsemen and the Greenlandic people, is to be explored.

The village Qassiarsuk was established by the Viking Erik the red and became the Norsemen's stronghold, Brattahlíð. The guides will tell you about the historic gems and hidden corners of the small village.

By the end of the day, we will arrive in Inneruulalik farm, where a nice meal will be waiting for you!

Day 6 - Glacier adventure by sea

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

The day will be spent on foot, as the horses will need a day of rest. You and your fellow explorers are invited to look around Piitaq's grandfarther's house. Piitaq's grandfarther Dolfi, founded Inneruulalik farmk and has passed down his legacy for 3 generations. It is quite interesting to hear the story of how the farm came to be, furthermore to see the lives of the farmers upclose.

By the end of the day, the adventure will take you to Qooqut glaicer. The Lund family is deeply connected to the surrounding nature, both by land and by sea and will take you to the very best of South Greenland. When sailing the arctic seas, breathe in the fresh air and take in this overwhelmingly beautiful experience.

To view the untouched glacier, a journey through ice filled passages awaits. Once you arrive at the stunning sight, it is hard to understand that this giant, is only a small part of the Greenland icecap, that covers 80% of Greenland.

Day 7 - Qajiitat Glacier

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

We will venture out of Inneruulalik farm to yet another beautiful view point. The untouched arctic tundra will be you and your fellow explorers play ground. Enroute we will come a cross a beautiful waterfall, striving down the surrounding mountains sides. Let the small pebbles touch your cheek and dip your toes. In Greenland it is not uncommon to stumble upon wonders of the arctic, and it is on forehand promised that you will get to see these wonders of waterfalls, valley, icebergs, rivers and tundra.

By horse we will arrive at the Qajiitat glacier. Get of your horse, and venture down to the small bay to examine one of the many stranded icebergs. Listen to the rolicking and crackling noise of icebergs, releasing thousand of years old air.

Day 8 - Goodbye

Iceberg Tour By Horse | 8 days | South Greenland

Today you will have your last ride around Inneruulalik farm, before being transferred to Narsarsuaq airport. Explore what you have not yet explored, and breathe in the fresh air.

Once we arrive in Narsarsuaq, it is time to say goodbye and thank you for a great adventure!

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