Land of Icebergs | Disko Bay

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Experience a world of ice in the summer!

Ilulissat means "The Iceberg" in Greenlandic. Ilulissat is the city located by the mouth of the stunning Icefjord. You will see the amazing huge ice-sculptures quietly drift very slowly past the town, making their way to the sea. This is a place like nowhere else in the world. In the summer you will experience the never setting sun, as the midnight sun provides bright summer nights. Perfect for doing a midnight hike along one of the Icefjord paths or a midnight boat tour, sailing between the giant icebergs, seeing them in the soft light.

Ilulissat is also where the famous Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen was born. In his family's house there is now a museum telling the story of his life and life in Ilulissat – that you and your fellow explorers will get to experience, explore and examine on this tour.

You will get to experience the very best of Ilulissat through a guided city tour, midnight sailing in icefjord, hiking to Sermermiut valley and a settlement visit to the distant and remote settlement of Oqaatsut. These destination are the quintessence of what Ilulissat has to offers.

The itinerary is described below.

Tie your hiking boots and bring your gloves for this adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Choose a date’’ above.


Flights Reykjavík-Ilulissat-Reykjavík
Airport taxes
3 nights hotel accommodation in double/twin room with breakfast
Airport transfers in connection with flights in Ilulissat
Cultural city walk of Ilulissat
Hike to the old settlement
Midnight boat tour sailing amongst icebergs
Oqaatsut boat tour


Glacier Views
City Tour
Iceberg Views
Midnight Sun
Boat Tour


Ilulissat Icefjord
UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Land of Icebergs | Disko Bay - day 1

Arriving in Ilulissat

Today your adventure begins! Check-in at Reykjavik domestic airport for the flight to Ilulissat is at least 1 hr prior to departure. You will depart from Reykjavik 10:15 or 11:30, here a 3 hour flight awaits you. You will be traveling high above the icecap of Greenland and the sky high Greenlandic mountain tins, on your journey to Ilulissat. You arrive in Ilulissat 11:30 or 12:45, depending on the departure of the day.

After arrival, you will be transfered to your hotel accommodation. When you have settled in, a guided city walk awaits you! With the culture-historical walk, you will get an enhanced understanding of the Greenlandic culture and history. The guide will tell you about the history of the city, the Greenlandic culture and the modern life 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. Included in the guided city walk, is a visit to the local museum and church. The museum is located in the house, once owned by the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen and the church will enchant you with its beautiful interior. After have explored the museum and church, you will get to explore with your senses - the local fish market ''brættet'' is the next destination of the day.

Day 2
Land of Icebergs | Disko Bay - day 2

Hiking and Midnight Boat Tour

Today you will have the morning off to explore the town on your own. This time you can maybe use for writing postcards while enjoying a cup of coffee at a café, visiting the artisan workshop by the harbour or go souvenir shopping in one of the other shops.

In the afternoon there is planned a 2 hours guided hiking tour to the old settlement by the Icefjord. We follow a well kept trail to the old Sermermiut settlement around 1,5 km. south of Ilulissat. This is a place where you can still find remains from the 4000 years old Inuit culture. You will learn about the old way of life and traditions of the Inuit people. We will also pass by the magnificent "Kællingekløften", a gorge where you can get magnificent view of the Icefjord before we go back to the city.

The evening will be for sailing. You will be taken on a Midnight boat tour between the huge floating icebergs. This is an magnificent experience with some very picturesque landscape. You will see the amazing giant icebergs in the soft light of the midnight sun, which never sets. This tour is however also beautiful on a more overcast day, where the icebergs get another glow. The boat trip at bright night is definitely an extraordinary experience.

Day 3
Land of Icebergs | Disko Bay - day 3

Boat trip to Oqaatsut settlement

Today we venture out on a five hours boat trip. This place served in several centuries as a base for Dutch whale hunters and is still occasionally used as a shore for whale hunting. From the Dutch time it has also gotten the name Rodebay.

This settlement is beautifully located about 15km north of Ilulissat.

Even though it only has 45 inhabitants it has got its own school, church, shop and a small restaurant called “H8”, which is one of the old buildings from the colonial time. Oqaatsut settlement, will grant you a unique insight to life outside of the larger towns of Greenland.

Day 4
Land of Icebergs | Disko Bay - day 4

Departure day

This is your last day in wonderful Ilulissat. You will have some free time in the morning to enjoy the city and maybe do some last souvenir shopping, a short hike before the transfer to the airport. The departure will be at either 12:15PM or 1:30PM, arrival at Reykjavik domestic airport at 6:25PM or 7:40PM

What to bring

Gloves & Hat
Credit cards are widely used, but some cash [Danish Kroner] is advisable to have on hand.
Camera equipment: Greenland is a photographer’s paradise and you should ensure to have enough memory cards with you.
Binoculars: to scout for wildlife.
Moisture Transferring Clothes
adjustable insulating Clothes
Outer shell to protect you from rain and wind
Sun Lotion
Sun Glasses
Summer Season Extras
Good walking shoes/boots

Good to know

The price per person is based on double room and starting from 20101 DKK.

Most airlines allow 20kg of language weight. So it is good to know what you really will need for your journey. But, of course, this depends on what you are planning to do and when. A general list of what to bring, can be found above.

A 3-layer structure is adequate for this adventure, whereby each has its own specialized purpose: a moisture transfer base layer next to your skin, then one or more adjustable insulating layers, and finally an outer shell to protect you from rain and wind.

NOTICE: Terms and conditions for this tour, can be found in the supplier description.

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