Kangerlussuaq in Winter | West Greenland

Kangerlussuaq in Winter | West Greenland
Photo: Adam Lyberth
Photo: Adam Lyberth
Photo: Adam Lyberth
Photo: Adam Lyberth
Photo: Adam Lyberth
Photo: Adam Lyberth

Join on this unique winter getaway, far away from everything you know. Experience the beautiful white, snow-covered landscape, and complete silence.

This tour starts out from Reykjavik Domestic Airport in Iceland. You will depart on an evening flight from Reykjavik and fly to the capital of Greenland, Nuuk - the smallest capital in the world. You will spend one night in Nuuk before taking another flight further north to the village of Kangerlussuaq, which is located just north of the Arctic Circle.

In Kangerlussuaq you will experience the ice cold winter, as temperatures at this time of year range between -7C to -25C.

In Kangerlussuaq you have the opportunity try dogsledding on the frozen sea ice in the big fjord. An authentic Greenlandic experience, that you can only try very few places in the world. Furthermore, if the weather permits and the sky is clear there is the opportunity to see the beautiful norther lights. An amazing sight of the dark sky, magically changing into a show of dancing green and red colors.

From Kangerlussuaq you have good access to the Greenland Ice Cap, on this tour you can add an optional tour to the Ice Cap and actually set your own feet on this huge natural phenomenon. Another option is to join on the traditional activity of ice fishing on the thick ice on the fjord.

Pack your warmest winter clothes and join on this winter adventure north of the Arctic circle. See the availability by pressing "Choose a date" and book your tour today.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jan. - Apr.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Northern Lights, Dog Sledding
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Kangerlussuaq, Ice Sheet
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : Midday Departure.

Reykjavik Domestic Airport
You meet us at the departure location.
  • Flights Reykjavík-Nuuk-Reykjavík

  • Flights Nuuk-Kangerlussuaq-Nuuk

  • Airport Taxes

  • 3 nights in hotels, standard double rooms with private facilities

  • Breakfast at the hotels

  • 2 hours dogsled tour (incl. warm sealskin clothing and boots)

  • Northern lights evening tour

  • Accommodation in Iceland before and after the trip to Greenland

  • Personal insurance

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Winter jacket and trousers

  • Warm winter boots

  • Hat, mittens, scarf/buff

  • Personal items

Good to know:

To be best prepared for the weather conditions, follow the multilayer principle, as it can get very cold in winter.

A 3-layer structure is usually adequate, whereby each layer has its own specialized purpose: a moisture transfer base layer next to your skin, then one or more adjustable insulating layers, and finally an outer shell to protect you from snow, wind and rain.

When dogsledding you should be aware that the surface that you are sledding on might be bumpy, this activity is therefore not recommended for people with back problems or other conditions, that could be affected.

Most airlines allow 20kg of language weight. So it is good to know what you really will need for your journey.

Price per person is based on double room. Prices for single room supplement per night from 2.195DKK.

NOTICE: Terms and conditions for this tour, can be found in the supplier description.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Greenlands Capital, Nuuk

Kangerlussuaq International Airport

Today your adventure to Greenland begins. You will take the evening flight from Reykjavík Domestic Airport directly to Greenlands capital, Nuuk. The flying time will be around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Greenland is three hours behind Iceland in timedifference, so you will have some time to enjoy the evening in Nuuk.

In Nuuk you will stay at Hotel Hans Egede, which is located in the town center. When you have settled at the hotel you can take a short evening walk to the old Colonial Harbour, the oldest part of town with cozy colonial buildings. It is only a 5 minutes walk from the hotel to the Colonial Harbour.

Do not go to bed too late, as the adventure continues tomorrow!


Fligt Reykjavík-Nuuk

Hotel accommodation

Day 2 - Dogsled and Northern Lights

Northern lights over glacier. Photo: Sven Nieder

Today you have to get up early to catch the morning flight from Nuuk further north to Kangerlussuaq.

Kangerlussuaq means the big fjord, the village is thus situated in the bottom of a long fjord and the only settlement in Greenland this far from the coast. Because of this location Kangerlussuaq has an inland climate. In the winter you will experience very cold temperatures here, in general ranging from -25C to -7C.

For the day there is plenty of adventure planned. First you are invited to join on a two hours dogsled tour. An unique Greenlandic experience! It is an amazing experience to travel through the white winter landscape on a dogsled. You will drive over the thick frozen sea ice on the fjord, all dressed up in warm seal fur clothes and polar boots to keep warm. It is fascinating to see how man and dogs in this way can work together, you will see how the sled driver and dogs can understand each other.

In the evening an Northern Lights Tour is planned. On a clear night you will see the beautiful aurora borealis dance across the night sky in green and sometimes purple colours. On this excursion you will be taken away from the village and into the landscape, where there is no artificial light, that will prevent you from seeing the northern lights. The guide will tell you about northern lights, how this phenomenon is made and what stories and myths are connected to it. Afterwards the guide will make you a good Greenlandic coffee, where "northern lights" is an ingredient - a sight to look forward to!

You will stay at Hotel Kangerlussuaq.


Flight Nuuk-Kangerlussuaq

Dogsled Tour

Northern Lights Tour

Hotel accommodation

Day 3 - Optional Activities

Greenland Ice Cap. Photo: Adam Lyberth

Today you have time off for going on optional tours in the area. In the booking process you have the possibility to book these tours additionally.

Ice Cap Point 660 Tour (200EUR/ 1489DKK):

Kangerlussuaq is one of the places in Greenland with best access to the Ice Cap, that covers most of the surface of Greenland. Do not miss this possibility to see this natural phenomenon with your own eyes and even set your feet on it! On powerful 4WD-vehicles you will be taken through white landscape, through mountains, plains and desert-like valleys. When you get close to Ice Cap you will drive through the moraine landscape - the edge of the Ice Cap, where ice mixed with rocks is pushed forward. From here you will be able to walk out onto the vast ice landscape. Spend some time with exploring the structure of the thousand years old ice. After spending some time exploring the ice it is time to return to the vehicle and drive back to Kangerlussuaq. Keep an eye at the landscape while driving, because the area is home to some great wildlife and there might be chances to spot musk oxen and reindeers on the way.

This tour will take around five hours and will only be confirmed if there all together are four participants.

Ice Fishing in the Fjord (EUR 80/ 595DKK):

You will be driven to the harbour and from there walk out on the frozen fjord to find the perfect spot for ice fishing. In order to fish on the frozen fjord you will have to drill holes in the thick sea ice. After drilling you just have to get the fishing gear out and try your luck. Nothing can be promised, but usually there is plenty of fish in the area. Fishing is great fun and you will get an insigt to how the greenlanders have sustained their families in the winter time.

This tour will take around three hours and will only be confirmed if there all together are four participants.


Hotel accommodation

Day 4 - Return to Iceland

Nuuk on an winter evening.

You have the morning and early afternoon off to do what you want in Kangerlussuaq and packing before your flight back to Nuuk at 15:25.

In Kangerlussuaq you can take a look in the shops and buy some exclusive souvenirs to look at when you get home from your holiday in Greenland.

You will arrive in Nuuk at around 16:20. You will have the rest of the afternoon and early evening in town. Here you can go for a walk in the area around the airport or go into town and get a good dinner before the flight back to Reykjavík Domestic Airport at 21:15 in the evening.


Flight Kangerlussuaq-Nuuk

Flight Nuuk-Reykjavík

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