Land of Erik the Red Land| Igaliku & Narsarsuaq | South Greenland

The area of South Greenland is a stunning place for any explorer wanting to experience the arctic landscape. A view sore for the eyes and a place where the historical background is essential. A full package of all what South Greenland has to offer. The area with hidden arctic gems in search of vanished ages within Greenland and its ice filled passages. Ancient Norse ruins for you to explore and the arctic tundra, wild and vast wilderness just waiting for you. Hike around the green landscape of Qassiarsuk and Igaliku full of ancient ruins and arctic floras as far as the eye can see.

Agriculture being a huge part of South Greenland an important part of the culture in the last century which has effected the population in the settlements. You will also join a boat cruise to the Ice Fjord of Qooroq with numerous icebergs and gigantic glaciers.

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Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jun. - Sep.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, Culture, City Walk
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Norse Ruins, UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 17:25

You meet us at the departure location.
Keflavík International Airport
  • Flights Keflavik-Narsarsuaq-Keflavik with airport taxes

  • Airport and boat transfers in Greenland as per itinerary

  • 3 nights accommodation with breakfast

  • Leaflet with map in Qassiarsuk and entrance to the open air museum

  • Guided boat trip to to Qooroq Ice fjord

  • Any services that not listed under 'included'

  • Accommodation for the two nights before and after the trip is not included in the package.

What to bring:
  • Practical Clothing - outdoor wear

  • Good hiking shoes.

  • Sun cream, Sunglasses and lip balm

Good to know:

Tour duration: 4 days / 3 nights.

The price per person is based on cabin with shared facilities in Igaliku & double/twin room with private facilities in Narsarsuaq.

Additional night double/twin room: DKK 595.

Please note: Schedules may change in case of unfavourable weather conditions.

NOTICE: Terms and conditions for this tour, can be found in the supplier description.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival day

Land of Erik the Red Land| Igaliku & Narsarsuaq | South Greenland

Check in 2 hours’ prior departure from Keflavik International Airport to Narsarsuaq in the late afternoon. The inflight is a spectacular one, as you will start to see the beautiful South Greenland of green and mountains. A scenic view from the air, is a memorable experience. Upon arrival you will be taken to your accommodation where you will be staying for the night. Take a chance to walk the streets of Narsarsuaq as you can gather an image of a small settlement in Greenland. Enjoy you outstanding view as you can relax in the calmness of your surroundings with a cold beverage.

Day 2 - Qassiarsuk historical hike & Igaliku

Land of Erik the Red Land| Igaliku & Narsarsuaq | South Greenland

Today you will be traveling to Qaissiarsuk situated just across from Narsarsuaq with a 15 minute boat ride across the fjord. The area is known as the settlement of Erik the Red the founder of the area who named most of the nearby areas. Where the farms are situated is the exact same grounds as he farmed and kept his sheep for over 1000 years ago. A truly historic ground telling a story of its own as you can start un-riddling the many hardships and joys of the arrival and settling down in an unknown and mysterious area. You can start to understand why he named Greenland its name, when you walk around and view the amazing paradise of green-ness. While strolling along the small village, take a short visit to the open-air museum Brattahlid of the Thjodhild's Church and a Norse longhouse, a beautiful constellation replica with a view over the fjord in the background.

The journey will continue on boat to Itilleq where you will coe ashore at the habour. Follow the ‘King Road’ 4 kilometers to the beautiful settlement of Igaliku. King Road is named after the Danish King Frederik 9th after his visit back in 1952.

Igaliku is surrounded by grasslands and the landmark of Illerfissalik a deserted landscape of true beauty. You will be staying in Igaliku the next two nights.



You will be staying in the Country Hotel the next 2 nights. A stunning small hotel for a comfortable stay

Day 3 - Igaliku - Explorers paradise

Land of Erik the Red Land| Igaliku & Narsarsuaq | South Greenland

A day free for you to explore the area, of Norse ruins, the vast tundra of hills and numerous floras. Igaliku also known as Gardar and was known under the Norse period as the Episcopal seat, which is evidential from the ruins around the area. Later around 1782 the famous Anders Olsen who found a Greenlandic wife settled a farm which was the beginning of Igaliku as an newer settlement. In the church nearby is a small installation, a great place to get the historical background. Today the locals thrive from sheep farming and living of the herbs.

An optional hiking tour to the Plateau approximately 20 kilometers, which offers a view over the magnificent Qooroq Ice Fjord of icebergs of all shapes and sizes and giant glaciers.



Same accommodation as the day before

Day 4 - Departure day

Land of Erik the Red Land| Igaliku & Narsarsuaq | South Greenland

Check out and transport back to the habour. When arriving in Narsarsuaq you will hop aboard another boat, after dropping of your luggage. The boat tour will take you to the Ice Fjord of Qooroq, allowing you to come up close and personal with huge ice sculptures and the magnificent glacier. Great chances to see the giant calve, a truly memorable sight and the sound almost terrifying yet beautiful. After a while taking in this spectacular and once in a life time sight, you will head back to the airport of Narsarsuaq and fly back to Keflavik. Arrival around midnight.

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