Narsarsuaq Easy Package | South Greenland

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Jun. - Oct.

Go to South Greenland which is famous for its ancient monuments from the Norse settlements in the colorful nature and the blue ice in the fjords. You can easily come to those places by boat from Narsarsuaq, and that’s why you’ll begin your journey from here, in the center of several attractions.

On the tour you’ll get to a place where the name Greenland came to be and used for the first time by the outlaw and notorious viking, Eric the Red, more than a 1000 years ago. Despite of his savage temper he fell in love with Greenland and build his farm in what we know today as Qassiarsuk, which he called Brattahlid. You can visit the open-air museum of the early farm of the Norse (fee not included). The whole history of farming in the Arctic started right there and many of the places where the Norse settled are today the exact same places for modern sheep farmers.

The Norse had their episcopal in present days village Igaliku, which they called Gardar. Because Igaliku is in the bottom of the Igaliku fjord and surrounded by beautiful mountains this place usually gets a bit warmer in the summer, which is why it has the Greenlandic name Igaliku - “The place like a pot”.

You’ll find hundreds of fjords in the whole cost of Greenland with their own characteristics of beauty and soul. But in South Greenland, you can find the unique Qooroq icefjord, which is also located nearby Narsarsuaq. On the tour to Qooroq icefjord you’ll have a fantastic experience and most likely get thousands of pictures of icebergs in all shapes, sizes, and colours. The Qooroq glacier in the fjord calves more than 200.000 tons of ice, every day, and the ice is shaped to beautiful sculptures which only adds to the beauty of the desitantion.

Book this 4-days tour if you'd like to have a fantastic tour with wonders from the present and the past you’ll never forget.

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Boat tour to Igaliku
Boat tour to Qassiarsuk
Boat tour to Qooroq Icefjord
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Qooroq Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Narsarsuaq Easy Package | South Greenland - day 1

First meet with the South

When you’ve arrived at Narsarsuaq you check in by the Blue Ice office. While you’ve got the time you could go for a small hike to the viewpoint Signal Hill (about 1 hour to the top of the hill) where you can enjoy the view towards the impressive ice sheet.

Day 2
Narsarsuaq Easy Package | South Greenland - day 2

First boat tour

Today you’ll go on a little tour by boat (about 15 min.) to Qassiarsuk. Here you’ll get to see the meeting between historical and modern ways of sheep farming and agriculture. Today Qassiarsuk is a village that is mainly inhabited by sheep farmers and it was right here where the first Norse settlement was founded.

The Norwegian viking Eric the Red with his savage temper and red beard was the first Norse man that settled here, and named the land Greenland and the new village for Brattahlid. After some resistance to christianity, but eventually persuaded by his wife, Eric the Red built the first church, that you’ll still find today as a open-air museum (fee not included). On the day there is time enough to go for a hike along the fjord called Sermilik, here you’ll see a lot of ice slowly wandering through the fjord. If you follow the road to the bottom of the fjord you’ll eventually reach another sheep farm called Tasiusaq (16 km long walk getting there and back).

Day 3
Narsarsuaq Easy Package | South Greenland - day 3

Kings Road hike

Today you’ll sail to Itilleq through Tunulliarfik fjord (Eric’s fjord) to a harbour connected to the village named Igaliku. You’ll go for a 4 km long hike through the Kings Road (named after the visit of a Danish King in 1952) to Igaliku. When you get to the highest point of the road to Igaliku there is a seat where you can enjoy the fantastic view towards the whole village and the amazing landscape on the other side of the village. The village has a school, shop, church and a hotel with a café, where you can get lunch. Later in the afternoon you’ll sail back to Narsarsuaq.

Day 4
Narsarsuaq Easy Package | South Greenland - day 4

Icefjord cruise

You’ve seen a small glimpse of the icefjord on the first day from the top of Narsarsuaq’s viewpoint, and now you get to sail through the Qooroq icefjord! Here you’ll find amazing white and blue colored ice that is shaped into beautiful sculptures by nature itself. When the ice sheet is in sight the captain will stop the engine so you can enjoy a drink that is chilled by 1000 year old ice! The rest of the day you’ll have time to either enjoy a cup of coffee at the Blue Ice Café or take a quick visit to the local museum.

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