Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements

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Have you ever wanted to go to the Arctic? And do you have a passion for photography? Then join this breathtaking photography trip with skilled tutors to Ilulissat.

Ilulissat is a small town in northwest Greenland. Ilulissat is known for its countless icebergs in the sea, and it is really living up to its name, which funnily enough means ‘icebergs’ in West Greenlandic.

The autumn in Ilulissat is spectacular. The sunsets will give you heartwarming colours that will light up the town as well as the icebergs with its vivid colours. And at night it gets dark enough for the northern lights to show their dancing magical green and purple colours. And if you’re lucky you will see whales playing hide and seek in the waves.

You will see the famous icefjord, that is full of majestic icebergs with dazzling blue and white toned colours, that calved from Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn Glacier). Sermeq Kujalleq calves billions of tonnes of icebergs into the Disko Bay and the icefjord. It’s one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greenland. They say that the Titanic itself sank because of an iceberg that calved from Sermeq Kujalleq

Greenland is a huge country, where there are only towns along the coastline. There are no roads that lead to other towns, except in and around the towns. You can only travel by plane or by boat. You will sail to a beautiful Island called Qeqertarsuaq and stay there for two days and explore the extraordinary surroundings. You will also sail to a small settlement called Oqaatsut and stay there for a night, it is rich in culture and holds old traditions alive.

The trip starts and ends in Ilulissat. The participant can decide their own route, they can either travel through Iceland or Denmark.

Get your camera ready and take your hiking shoes on and join this unforgettable adventure.

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All accommodation in Greenland
Airport transfers in Greenland
All meals
Boat tours as per itinerary
Skilled tutors to help with everything from composition to post-processing


Whale Watching
Northern Lights
Greenlandic Culture
City Tour
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour
Wildlife Observation
Settlement Visit
Photo Tour


Ilulissat Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 1

Arrive in Ilulissat

You will fly to Ilulissat and you will get driven to your hotel. The hotel you’re staying at has an amazing view, overlooking the icefjord. It is modern and well-run, it has a great selection of food on their menu, along with vegetarian options.

The first meeting as a group will be at 16:00 at the reception of the Hotel Icefiord, that gives you a time to explore the town and take photos before the meeting if you have arrived early.

At the meeting there will be introductions and image presentation, you will get a short brief about the trip. You will have an early dinner followed by a breathtaking sunset sailing. The colours of the sunset will light up the icebergs, making a stunning view. There will also be a possibility to see some whales, particularly humpback whales.

Day 2
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 2

Explore Qeqertarsuaq - Disko Island

You will have an early breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, you will start to sail to Qeqertarsuaq through a sea full of icebergs.

Qeqertarsuaq is on an island, the island has a remarkable landscape that is really different from the rest of Greenland. The town has around 1000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1773 by a whaler, and for two centuries the main trade was whaling, today it's fishing and hunting.

During your stay, you will walk to some great viewpoints and walk along the coast to take some pictures. You will see dramatic steep basalt mountains, a landscape that is full of autumn colours and huge icebergs that are stranded in shallow water around the town.

Here you will have the chance to take some pictures of amazing basalt architecture, like sea arches and astonishing waterfalls.

You will spend two days fully exploring the area and take incredible pictures.

Day 3
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 3

Exploring Qeqertarsuaq

We'll continue to explore the beauty of the island

Day 4
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 4

Last full day in Qeqertarsuaq

We'll enjoy the last day here to the fullest

Day 5
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 5

Back to Ilulissat

After eating lunch you will board a boat and sail back to Ilulissat. You will be back in time for dinner. In the evening you will have the chance to take pictures of the colorful sunset over the icefjord. There are so many possible places for taking pictures of the icefjord, even from the hotel veranda!

Day 6
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 6

Explore Ilulissat

In the morning you will have breakfast and a sunrise shoot. Sunrises can be amazing to witness in the Arctic, they wake up the town with their vivid yellow/orange/red colours.

You will spend the morning walking to some fabulous viewpoints of the icefjord. The walk will go slowly as there are so many things worth photographing. In the autumn the tundra is full of colours, reds, yellows, greens and so many more, along with bog cotton spreading all over the rocky bluffs. If the weather is good you might want to pack lunch and eat it outside while looking at a magnificent view. There will also be an optional walk to Sermermiut, which is an ancient settlement. You can still see the mounds of the dwelling on the ground.

If you want to try out some optional activities (price not included) it will be a good idea to do it on this day/morning. It can be aerial photography over the ice cap or whale watching excursion or something else that you want to try. After lunch, you will sail to a small settlement called Oqaatsut, where you will stay the night. It has around 45 inhabitants and it is full of old tradition and culture. It has small colourful wooden houses and a wonderful landscape. There are usually icebergs on the ocean and are often lit up by a spectacular light from the sun. You will spend the afternoon and evening exploring and taking pictures around Oqaatsut as well as spend the night here.

Day 7
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 7

Back to Ilulissat

You will have a sunrise shoot in the morning. After breakfast, you will explore Oqaatsut further as there’s so much more to see and photograph.

After lunch, you board the boat and journey back to Ilulissat and the icefjord. Here you will have the last chance to take photos while sailing.

You will arrive in Ilulissat in the mid-afternoon. You will eat dinner with the group for the last time and there will be a presentation of photos taken during this significant trip.

There will be an optional sunset cruise for the ones who want to go and take more amazing photos of the stunning sunset in Ilulissat for the last time.

Day 8
Northwest Greenland in Autumn | Icebergs, glaciers and Inuit settlements - day 8

Going home

You will eat breakfast and have some free time until your flight. Check out from the hotel will be around 11.00 am. You will get a transfer to the Ilulissat airport.

If you want to extend your stay in Greenland you can get in touch with us and we can give you some ideas. We can help and plan your trip if needed.

What to bring

Warm and practical clothing
Good hiking shoes

Good to know

Accommodation is included in the price. Everyone will have suite facilities except for in Oqaatsut, where you will have to share a room and bathrooms. Note that Oqaatsut is a remote small Inuit settlement. In the hotel in Ilulissat single supplements will be available, it will ensure a single room with private facilities.

We specialise in small-group photographic tours and workshops offering individual tuition in all aspects of the photographic process from composition and capture to the development (post-processing) of your images. We spend a lot of time on locations to ensure we get to capture the best light.

Departure in 2020: 29th of Aug - 5th Sept.

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