South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland

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8 days
Jun. - Oct.

Come along this spectacular Grand exploration of South- and West Greenland. The adventure is paired with sailing the arctic seas from location to location and suits both the urban traveler and the outdoor person. This tour is for you, looking for an arctic introduction and a need for satisfying your curiosity of Greenland – from the daily life to the spectacular nature.

Your journey starts in Iceland, where you will be departing from. Here and 8 day adventure of nature and city discovering awaits you. The flight to Greenland is one of the most scenic journeys imaginable, as you will travel high above the Greenland Ice Cap and the arctic mountain tins.

The discovery of the urban cities and the remote villages, will create a sharp contrast between the paces and tempos, furthermore the diverse culture that you will get to experience on first hand.

Culture, nature and history is to be explored on this West- and South Greenlandic expedition. On your days off, you plan what you would like to experience, explore and examine in wonderful, wild and vast Greenland.

The itinerary is described below.

Pack your suitcase and bring your binoculars for this adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Choose a date’’ above.


Flights Reykjavík-Ilulissat/Narsarsuaq-Keflavík, with airport taxes
Airport and harbour transfers in Greenland
2 nights hotel accommodation in double rooms with private facilities, with breakfast
2 nights in country hotel in double room/cabin without private facilities, with breakfast
Ferry transport Ilulissat-Qaqortoq with with 3 nights in double cabin with private facilities on board the ferry
Boat transfer Qaqortoq-Itilleq-Qassiarsuk-Narsarsuaq
Admission fee to Brattahlid open-air museum


Whale Watching
Greenlandic Culture
Glacier Views
City Tour
Boat Tour


Ilulissat Icefjord
Norse Ruins
UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland

Daily itinerary

Day 1
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 1

Reykjavík | Ilulissat

Today your adventure begins! Check-in at Reykjavik domestic airport for the flight to Ilulissat is at least 1 hr prior to departure. You will depart from Reykjavik 10:10 or 11:30, here a 3-hour flight awaits you.

You will be travelling high above the icecap of Greenland and the sky-high Greenlandic mountain tins, on your journey to Ilulissat. You arrive in Ilulissat 11:30 or 12:45, depending on the departure of the day.

After arrival, you will be transferred to your accommodation. When you have settled in, a guided city walk awaits you! With the culture-historical walk, you will get an enhanced understanding of the Greenlandic culture and history. The guide will tell you about the history of the city, the Greenlandic culture and the modern life 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. Included in the guided city walk, is a visit to the local museum and church. After having explored the museum and church, you will get to explore with your senses at the local fish market ''brættet''.

Day 2
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 2

Sailing The Greenlandic Seas

Today you will have the morning off to explore the town on your own. This time you can maybe use for writing postcards while enjoying a cup of coffee at a local café, visiting the artisan workshop by the harbour or go souvenir shopping in one of Ilulissat's large variety of shops. If you would like to go on an optional tour, visit Sermermiut Valley.

On the optional tour, you and your fellow explorers will follow a well-kept trail to the old Sermermiut settlement around 1,5 km. south of Ilulissat. This is a place where you can still find remains from the 4000 years old Inuit culture. You will learn about the old way of life and traditions of the Inuit people. You will also pass by the magnificent "Kællingekløften", a gorge where you can get a magnificent view of the Icefjord before you go back to the city.

In the afternoon you will go on board the ferry Sarfaq Ittuk, at 5 PM. Sarfaq Ittuk means ocean current and is highly used by the Greenlandic people, the ferry will travel to remote distances along the coastline, and through your journey, you will be surrounded with magnificent nature and travel among humpback whales and migrating icebergs.

Day 3
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 3

Enroute to Nuuk

You will be spending the day by sea, with fantastic views of the untouched landscapes of Greenland. The ferry will make short stops in Sisimiut, Kangaamiut and Maniitsoq. As you travel along the coastline you will view the colorful wooden houses dotted across the rocky slopes. You will spend another night on board the ferry, before arriving in Nuuk.

Day 4
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 4

Arriving in Nuuk

You will arrive in Nuuk early morning and will have the morning and afternoon for yourself to explore. Go on an optional city tour for the hidden gems and corners of Nuuk. The capital was founded in 1728 by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede, so history is to be found all over town. Nuuk city tours offers a historical walk, a hike back in time and a cultural walk, that will provide satisfaction to your curiosity.

Nuuk is the national home of gourmet food, boutiques of all sorts, cultural venues, modern architecture and the leading conductor in Greenland of modern lifestyle, with an extension of traditional culture.

Entertainment is to be found in all of Nuuk, visit the local brewery and taste beer made of Greenlandic commodities or the national museum to explore vanished ages. Seek shelter from the Arctic winds in one of Nuuk's cosy cafés and get the heat with a cup of something good. The day is yours to explore but spend it wisely as you would not like to miss the very best of Nuuk. Search for Nuuk in the search field above, and a wide range of opportunities will appear.

Explore the wild, vast and wonderful nature of Greenland, if you would like to venture into the Nuuk fjord system. Deep into the veins of fjord you can visit abandoned settlements, go fishing, explore ancient Inuit ruins and retracting glaciers, in the presence of cold arctic winds and wildlife. The city offers a wide range of excursions, regarding guided tours by boat, helicopter or by foot.

Nuuk offers the best opportunity to experience old traditions perfectly entwined with the twenty-first century.

You will be departing from Nuuk 14:30, with the ferry Sarfaq Ittuk. You will be sailing south along the coastline, and on your journey down south, you will be travelling in the presence of migrating icebergs and travelling humpback whales. The ferry will home you and your fellow explorers for the night.

Day 5
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 5

At sea, Qaqortoq

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery en route to Qaqortoq. You will be travelling among vast mountains, along with untouched and remote nature. The whole day will be spent at sea, but shortstops will be made in Paamiut, Arsuk and Narsaq, before arriving in colourful, charming and radiant Qaqortoq.

You will be arriving in Qaqortoq at midnight, but luckily the midnight sun dominates the sky - so take advantage and explore the lovely town.

Qaqortoq, regardless of winter or summer, is the quintessence of charm.

From the top of the mountain hills, down the small Spanish passages routing through colourful houses to the harbour of charming, colourful and radiant Qaqortoq, will enchant every explorer to fall in love with the city.

The town is famous for its urban, avant-garde and creative city life, as artists and explorers reside in the town, creating a south European and relaxing atmosphere, overlaying the beautiful landscape. Qaqortoq is specked with history, as the grounds that the town rests on, was a former trading ground for Inuits.

Qaqortoq is to be explored by foot, and when strolling through the colourful town, be attentive of stone carvings, made by the famous south Greenlandic artist Aka Høegh and fellow Nordic artists

Day 6
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 6

Qaqortoq | Igaliku

Today you will depart from Qaqortoq at 09:00 Am. You will be travelling in between luxuriant vigorous plains and peaky mountain tops. Let the arctic winds slip through your hair, as you venture towards delight of quite-ness, warmth and balming nature.

Igaliku is famous for being Greenlands most beautiful village. In its own bay lies the village, surrounded by sky-high mountain tins, with powder white snow resting on their tins and on the resting grounds you will find the most colourful flowers and green grass.

Your adventure starts with you and your fellow explorers hiking the ''Kings Road''. The Kings road is a path of 4 kilometers, that will lead you to Igaliku.

Once you have settled into your accommodation, you have the rest of your day to explore the vigorous lands. Rent a kayak and paddle to the rhythm of the neighboring sea, in the presence of migrating icebergs and playful humpback whales.

If you are not rather strong at sea - hike the surrounding arctic tundra. As you hike through the vast, wild and wonderful nature, you will get a sense of the never-ending nature and sky of Greenland.

Day 7
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 7

Explore Igaliku

Igaliku holds an impressive collection of history, venture down to the former Episcopal seat, Gardar from the Norse era. Gardar was the episcopal seat from 1100-1400 and the ruins stand well preserved. After having explored the ruins of the Norsemen, head to the church for late colonial history.

Igaliku was established in 1782 by Anders Olsen and his wife Tuperna. The beginning of Igaliku's history was farming and is to this day - in continuance. The permanent exhibition in the church will give you a deeper understanding of Igaliku's presence, by learning about its past. Furthermore is Igaliku well-known for its strong characters of summer residents and its mesmerizing surroundings.

Take an optional hike of 17 km with the mission of reaching a magnificent view of the Qooroq Icefjord. If interested in a shorter hike, visit the stunning waterfall that beautifully strives down into Tunulliarfik fjord. When arriving at the waterfall let the arctic winds slip through your hair, and feel the small pebbles lightly touch your cheeks.

Day 8
South & West Greenland | 8-Day Vacation Package | From Iceland to Greenland - day 8

Round Tour Of Erik The Reds Fjord

Return by the King's Road to Itilleq harbour from where the boat will take you to Qassiarsuk. Qassiarsuk is also known as Brattahlid, as the settlement was the Norse Vikings stronghold. You will be experiencing, exploring and examining the well-preserved ruins and an open-air museum. The Norsemen's existence is deeply imprinted in the culture of the inhabitants. The agriculture Erik the Red established, is still in continuance to this day - as agriculture is the main occupation of the town.

Qassiarsuk is also surrounded by splendid and mesmerizing surroundings, that will enchant every explorer to fall in love with the small settlement. Hike the surrounding fields and tundra, and you will get a sense of this infinite beautiful country.

Once you are done with exploring Qassiarsuk, you will travel across the bay to Narsarsuaq. Narsarsuaq is the gate to South Greenland - but it is also much more than just an airport settlement. The settlement is famous for its history and surrounding nature. The settlement is a former military base, used by the Americans during the second world war - traces of the Americans are scattered all over the area, from factories to abandoned machines.

But Narsasuaq is definitely also the hikers paradise. Conquer the ''Signalhøjen'', where you will be rewarded with a sublime view of the Greenland Icecap - the hike has a duration of 1 hour. Let the arctic winds, slip through your hair as you enjoy the unique and rare sight of the majestic ice azure.

You decide how your last afternoon in Greenland is spent! You and your fellow explorers will be transferred to the airport in time for your flight to Iceland 18:55, the flight departs from Narsarsuaq and arrives in Keflavik international airport 23:25.

What to bring

Gloves and warm caps comfortable, waterproof shoes.
Credit cards are widely used, but some cash [Danish Kroner] is advisable to have on hand.
Camera equipment: Greenland is a photographer’s paradise and you should ensure to have enough memory cards with you.
Binoculars: to scout for wildlife.
Wind- & Waterproof Garments
Good Hiking Boots/Shoes
Sweat Transporting Garments
Insulating Garments
Summer season extras
Sun glasses
Sun lotion

Good to know

Nights in Iceland can be added before or after Greenland: the departure to Ilulissat and Nuuk is from the domestic airport in Reykjavik city. Flybus airport shuttle (not included in the price) operates in connection with all international flights, departure is approx. 35-40 min. after each arrival. Drive into the city takes approx. 40-50 min. Drop off at Reykjavik domestic airport is available upon request.

In 2017 the flights from Narsarsuaq are operated only via Keflavik international airport.

Please note: although during summer months the weather in Greenland is relatively stable there is always a possibility of delayed flights due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Accommodation with shared facilities in Qaqortoq and Nuuk is also possible upon request. It is possible to add more nights in Ilulissat or Nuuk at the beginning of the tour. Ask for price, schedules and availability.

Discount may apply on some departure dates, depending on lower airfare availability.

NOTICE: Terms and conditions can be found in the suppliers description.

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