Stand Up Paddleboarding amongst the Icebergs | Nuuk | West Greenland

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Hans Egedesvej 78, Nuuk 3900, Grønland
8 hours
English, Danish
May. - Aug.

Travel the length of the spectacular Nuuk Fjord for a unique experience of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) amongst thousands of icebergs. No previous experience necessary!

Our journey begins with us sailing as far as possible up the world’s second-largest fjord system - the Nuuk Fjord. Although we travel in a closed and heated boat, you will want to dress warmly so that you can spend as much time as possible out on deck for the best views of the spectacular, steep mountains that line our route.

It will take us about 2-3 hours to reach the Icefjord where thousands of icebergs are cast off from several glaciers to begin their journey to the ocean. Here we will gear up with drysuits, life jackets and communication gear to ensure everyone is warm and safe, and give an introduction to paddleboarding for those who are new to the experience.

Once on the boards, we will paddle between the icebergs for around 2 hours, exploring this surreal watery landscape choked with floating ice. The silence of the area is broken only by the sounds of us paddling and the cracking of the ice surrounding us - a welcome respite from the busy lives most of us lead.

If you fall off your board - no worries! You’ve just added a “polar plunge” to the experiences you’ve ticked off in Greenland! Your drysuit will keep you warm and dry, and the board is easy to get back onto. The boat crew also stays very close to help you if needed.

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Note: there is no age minimum. However, participants must be taller than 125cm due to the sizes of drysuits available. It is not possible to do this excursion without a drysuit.


Sailing with a closed boat to the Icefjord
Life Jacket
Neoprene mittens and boots
Paddleboard and paddle
Coffee & Tea


Kayaking & SUP
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour


Nuuk Fjord

What to bring

Layered clothing. Ideally, you should have a thermal underwear layer (top and bottom), activity layer (e.g. hiking pants and shirt), insulation layer (e.g. fleece or down jacket), and outer layer of windproof clothing (top and bottom). You may not need all of this on any particular day, but you should have it available. The outer layers in particular will be important while traveling up the fjord if you want to spend time on deck
Warm hat, gloves, buff or scarf
Sunglasses, sun screen & sun hat (weather dependent)
If you are bringing a camera while paddleboarding, make sure it is waterproof (or contained in a waterproof housing) and attached to you firmly.

Good to know

This paddleboarding activity is done at your own risk and insurance. Before you leave the boat, we will get you to sign a waiver that states you understand this important issue and that you have appropriate insurance coverage.

You will have your own radio for communicating with the boat. You can call to be picked up at any time you like. You will be instructed in how to use this device before leaving the boat.

While there is no age limit, there is a minimum height limit of 125cm. This is because this is the size of the smallest drysuit. It is not possible to do the activity without a drysuit.

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