Tasermiut Fjord Exploring | Nanortalik | South Greenland

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Come along this adventurous fjord exploring, which is paired with sailing in Tasermiut Fjord. Combining the two of the most popular activities in South Greenland, this tour is for anyone who loves Greenland, from the raw, naked and steep mountainsides to the majestic blue and white nuanced glaciers.

Sailing to a settlement

After meeting your captain of the day, you will venture out of Nanortalik harbor and travel deep into the vein of Tasermiut fjord. The captain will shortly brief you on the security precautions that apply sea adventures.

Your first destination of the day will be the charming village of Tasiusaq. In its own little bay, lies the colorful and charming settlement, surrounded by sky high and peaky mountain tins.

Take your time to explore and experience Greenlandic culture. Chat with one of the 80 locals, before moving on to the next destination of the day. A visit to Tasiusaq village, is the great insight into the daily lives of the Greenlandic people outside the larger towns, here you will get a taste of the Greenlandic culture!


Next stop and activity of the day will be fishing for trout in a majestic creek, by the foot of a mesmerizing Tasermiut mountain. Fishing for trout is an art to be mastered, as you have to have patience – fishing in Greenland does not require that you are experienced and is fun for all ages. Explore the hidden corners of the creek, while the arctic winds long to play with your hair!

The Icecap

The last destination of the day will be a branch of the Greenland ice cap. When arriving at the glacier, you will be overwhelmed with its enormous size. But this branch is yet a small part of the Greenland ice cap, that covers 80 % of the country. Stand in the blue and white nuanced rays of the soaring glacier, while the arctic winds long to play with your hair. It is a unique and once in a lifetime experience, that will drain you emotionally with its beauty.


Tasermiut fjord is well-known for its spectacular beauty. With its sky-high mountains, reflecting themselves in the still waters of the fjord, the inhabitants of the surrounding area has crowned it as a wonder of the Arctic. The nature around Tasermiut will definitely take your breath away and drain you emotionally with its beauty, it is the perfect location for creating and photographing moments lasting a lifetime.

Tie your hiking boots and bring your warmest hat for this Tasermiut fjord exploring! Do not hesitate to book this mesmerizing adventure. Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Choose a date’’ above.


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Please note that the tour needs a minimum of 4 participants, and that the tour operator can cancel the tour if this requirement isn't met.

When traveling in Greenland, it is always good to check the weather forecast for the day you choose to go on a tour.

Dress after the weather conditions.

Fishing Rod can be rented.

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