The Sled Dog Experience | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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Kussangajaannguaq 7, Ilulissat, Grønland
1,5 hours
English, Danish, Greenlandic
Mar. - Nov.

Come along and experience a symphony of 20 howling sled dogs! If you are visiting Ilulissat you must experience the Greenlandic sled dogs. On this tour, we invite you to feast with a pack of Greenlandic sled dogs.

When the Inuits first arrived here in Greenland 4000 to 5000 years ago, they brought the sled dogs with them. Since the sled dogs have been a crucial element for survival in the Arctic, as no modern snowmobile can compete with the tireless work of a sled dog. Today the sled dogs are used by the traditional hunters for traveling to remote areas for long-line fishing, hunting, and transportation.

Your excursion starts in Kussangajaannguaq 7, where you and your fellow explorers will be introduced to your guide of the day. From here you venture out of town, where you will be greeted by a local dog husk. The husk will demonstrate how you operate the sled and the harness and how to use the whip. The owner will tell you about how it is to be practicing dog sledding in an ever more modern and globalized world.

Afterward, a pack of 20 howling and hungry dogs awaits to be fed, so after you and your fellow explorers have learned everything there is to learn about dog sledding and hunting, you can be lucky and help the husk feeding the dogs. This is an extraordinary experience, that you only will get to experience here in Greenland. You will be able to see, feel and hear the many howling dogs!

In the spring you will be able to see sled dog puppies, they are true heartbreakers. There is a special bond between the owner and the dogs, that allows them to work together on long journeys in the wilderness. The dogs are very loyal to their owner but might seem aggressive to strangers. Please keep your distance from the dogs, when arriving at the dog kennel. The owner will show you which dogs are safe to pet. 

If you would like to experience the symphony of howling sled dogs, then come along this excursion! Put on your practical clothes and shoes. Check the availability by pressing ‘Choose a date’ above.



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Dog Sledding
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What to bring

Water bottle

Good to know

Wear practical clothes, as it is dirty at the dog kennel.

When arriving at the dog kennel, please keep your distance from the dogs, as they are working dogs and do not behave as petting dogs. The owner of the dogs will show you and your fellow explorers, what dogs are safe to pet.

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