Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
3 Day Glacier Adventure | Kangerlussuaq
3 Day Glacier Adventure | Kangerlussuaq
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland
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UNESCO package | South Greenland

UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland
UNESCO package | South Greenland

See one of the most charming sites of Greenland, South Greenland. There are 5 specific places in South Greenland that are part of the new UNESCO World Heritage Site, which presents a unique history of farming in the Arctic that begins with Norse settlement in Greenland in the 900s. On this package, you’ll have a great opportunity to see 3 of the UNESCO sites: Hvalsey, where you can see the best preserved Norse church - Igaliku, which is a beautiful family friendly sheep farmer village - and Qassiarsuk, which is an ideal area to hike.

You will also be staying in Qaqortoq which is the biggest city in South Greenland. The city is decorated with the permanent art exhibition “Stone and Man” consisting of more than 30 sculptures all over town. The artworks were created by 18 Nordic artists, and the artworks were made directly from the cliffs and bedrocks, permanent indeed! Qaqortoq is full of life with traditions, culture, and history. While here you can visit Great Greenland, which is a place where sealskin is made into fine mittens or bags (etc.) for him and her. In the center of the town you’ll find the one and only fountain in the whole country, right nearby the local museum which has an exciting collection of tupilaks and other things.

During this 4 day trip, you’ll get to experience the charming southern part of Greenland. Your first meet with South Greenland will be Narsarsuaq from which you’ll be sailing to Qaqortoq (2 hours), amongst icebergs and possibly even whales and seals. The day after you’ve arrived in Qaqortoq you’ll get to see the first of the UNESCO sites, the church ruin in Hvalsey. Before you sail back to Qaqortoq there’ll be plenty of time to take a walk and enjoy nature. Your exploration has just begun and over the next few days you’ll be out and discovering more Norse ruins in the prettiest landscapes.

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Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jun. - Sep.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, City Walk, Iceberg Views, Boat Tour, Wildlife Observation, Settlement Visit
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Danish
  • Highlights: Qaqortoq, Igaliku, Qassiarsuk, Hvalsey Church
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 15:00.

Narsarsuaq Airport
You meet us at the departure location.
  • All accommodation incl. breakfast - 3 nights

  • Transport of luggage

  • All boat transfers

  • Boat trip to Hvalsey Church

  • Boat trip to Igaliku (Gardar)

  • Boat trip to Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid)

  • Guide service

  • All taxes

  • 24h emergency service

  • Personal Insurance

  • Flights to and from Narsarsuaq - Send us an inquiry if you'd like it arranged

What to bring:
  • Warm and practical clothing

  • Camera

Good to know:

The prices stated are for 2018 and will soon be updated, there will be a slight increase in price, even if you buy it now, a payment request will be sent for the difference between this and the upcoming new price.

This itinerary is planned according to flights from Iceland to Narsarsuaq and back to Iceland - from Saturday to Tuesday.

There is a 25% discount for children between the ages of 2-11

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Narsarsuaq

UNESCO package | South Greenland

Arrival in Narsarsuaq is followed by a small 2-hour boat trip amongst icebergs and possibly even whales and seals, to the biggest city in South Greenland, Qaqortoq.

Day 2 - Hvalsey Church Ruins

UNESCO package | South Greenland

Today you’ll be heading on a boat trip to Hvalsey from Qaqortoq, it only takes about 30 min. For you to arrive at your first UNESCO site. The Hvalsey church ruin is 6 meters tall and is the most well preserved Norse church in Greenland. Hvalsey is called Qaqortukulooq in Greenlandic, which means “the big white” or “the very white one”, because the church was painted white when it was in use. When you’ve heard about the story of the church you’ll have time to walk around in the silence and beauty of nature.

When you’ve sailed back to Qaqortoq there’s time for a walk, you could go see the fish/meat market, where the fishermen and hunters sell their catch of the day. The market is in the center, where there are cafées and the fountain. If you have the time, you can go for a walk to see the “Stone and Man” exhibition.

Day 3 - Hiking to Igaliku

UNESCO package | South Greenland

You’ll be picked up by boat and sail to Itilleq, where you’re going hiking on “Kings Road”, it’s about 4 km to one of the most beautiful sheep farming villages of Greenland, Igaliku. The village is right in the opposite side of the iconic Illerfissalik mountain and is more or less surrounded by mountains, which makes this area a bit warmer in the summer - that’s why it has the name Igaliku which means “the place like a pot” in Greenlandic. Here you’ll find special Norse ruins, the Norse bishopric was here and the Norse called their farm Gardar, this farm was the biggest of all, in Greenland.

Day 4 - Qassiarsuk and departure

UNESCO package | South Greenland

On this last day you’ll go on a trip to visit the oldest Norse farm, Qassiarsuk, where the outlaw, Eric the Red built his farm (which he named Brattahlid) when he settled in Greenland as the first Norseman. You’ll find a open-air-museum of the well preserved farm (admission fee not included), Brattahlid. There are about 40 inhabitants in Qassiarsuk and is right on opposite side of the fjord to Narsarsuaq. The village is well known for its annual marathon named: Leif den Lykkelige (Leif the happy) Marathon, which also is also a well known name from the Norsemen. Later in the afternoon the boat will come and pick you up to sail you to Narsarsuaq from which you’ll depart from Greenland.

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