Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Best Of Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Best Of Ilulissat | Disko Bay
Ilulissat Adventure | Disko Bay
Ilulissat Adventure | Disko Bay
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4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay
4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

Step right up and join this adventure to the land of Icebergs, Ilulissat! This tour is for you who would like to experience the wonders of the Arctic, from the soaring icebergs to the snow-covered backdrop of Ilulissat and the symphony of howling sleddogs. Greenland is known for its snow-covered landscapes and icebergs, so what better season to experience Greenland?

Your tour starts in the domestic airport situated right outside of Reykjavik. Your flight will take you to Ilulissat, where you will experience Ilulissat city, a day of dogsledding and sailing in the amazing UNESCO world heritage, Ilulissat Icefjord. You will be accommodated in Hotel Arctic, a four-star hotel famous for its outstanding location with views of travelling icebergs and surrounded by symphonies of howling dogs. 

Ilulissat is a very beautiful town with a breathtaking scenery of icebergs, mountains and colourful sunsets illuminating the blue and white nuanced icebergs. This tour will give you an insight into the beauty and culture of Greenland.

The full itinerary of the tour can be found below. Pack your warmest winter jacket and bring a warm hat for this amazing adventure to Ilulissat. Check the booking availability by pressing " Choose a date" above. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Feb. - Apr.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Northern Lights, Dog Sledding, Cultural Activity, Glacier Views, City Walk, Kaffemik
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Ilulissat Icefjord, Ilulissat, Ilimanaq, UNESCO World Heritage | Greenland
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 11:50.

Reykjavik Domestic Airport

Pick up at airport in Greenland and transfer to the hotel.

  • Return flight Reykjavik-Ilulissat-Reykjavik including airport taxes

  • Hotel/airport transfer in Greenland

  • 3 nights at 4 star Hotel Arctic in standard rooms

  • Welcome & farewell dinner at Hotel Arctic

  • Welcome meeting with local guide at the hotel

  • All taxes and fees

  • 1-2 hours guided city walk Ilulissat

  • Full day dog sledge adventure (1 person per sledge) including polar suit fur

  • Easy hike

  • Airport transfer in Reykjavik

What to bring:
  • Warm winter outerwear

  • Neckwarmer

  • Warm Hat

  • Gloves/mittens

Good to know:

If traveling alone, make sure to choose the single room supplement when booking this tour.

Depending on availability for flights to Greenland, a flight supplement might apply.

Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions. Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in your country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather. We recommend not to book any international flights directly after a trip from West Greenland.

Most airlines allow 20 kg of check-in baggage. If you have more, there is a fee for the extra weight you bring. Payment for extra baggage is often implemented strictly, because of the small size of the planes.

It is important to bring Danish Krona to Greenland. Foreign currency is not accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted only at a few locations. i.e. at the hotels and larger stores. When you use a credit or debit card, a PIN-code is required.

Please note there is a 3-hour time difference between Iceland and West Greenland in the winter time and a 2-hour time difference in the summer time.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Ilulissat City Walk and Welcome Dinner

4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

You will depart from Reykjavik Domestic Airport and fly to Ilulissat with Air Iceland connect. The flight takes approximately 3 hours. When you arrive in Ilulissat you will be transferred to Hotel Arctic. 

When you and your fellow explorers are settled in, a guided city walk will take place. The guided city walk is a great insight into what life is like 300 km above the arctic circle. After the guided Citywalk, you will have time to explore Ilulissat on your own. Ilulissat is rich in history and a fun fact is that it is the birthplace of the famous polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. Visit the childhood home of Knud Rasmussen or take a walk to Sermermiut valley, where you can explore ancient Inuit ruins. 

After the guided city walk there will be hosted a welcome dinner at the hotel for you and your fellow explorers. After dinner, we recommend that you go outside and look for the dancing bright lights illuminating the night sky -  The aurora borealis. The northern lights are frequently seen in Greenland from September through April on clear and crisp nights. 


Included in the daily itinerary:

City Walk

Welcome Dinner


Day 2 - Whole day Dogsled adventure

4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

Put on your warmest winter attire for today's adventure, you will be conquering the Arctic tundra by dogsled! Today's adventure starts on the outskirts of Ilulissat, where you will be greeted by your dogsled driver. The dogsled will take you into the backdrop of Ilulissat, where you will experience ice sculptures in all sizes and endless miles of beauty! Lean back and feel the cold bite your cheeks, while you enjoy the magical and spellbinding surroundings. 

Do not approach the dogs on your own, the sleddog owner will show you what dogs are safe to pet. There is a special bond between the owner and the dogs, this bond allows them to conquer several obstacles that can be met on the frozen arctic tundra.  The route of the day depends on the snow and ice conditions. If you have any injuries, aches or pains, we recommend that you skip the tour, due to the unevenness of the terrain. This trip will take approximately five hours. 


Included in the daily itinerary:

Dogsledding trip

Day 3 - Home visit, Iceberg Cruise and Farewell Dinner

4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

Today is your opportunity to shape your Ilulissat adventure!

Ilulissat is not only the land of Icebergs but also the land of adventures. We recommend that you explore Ilulissat's UNESCO World heritage, Ilulissat Icefjord. The Icefjord will decorate any explorer with its beauty, and sailing in between the magnificent ice azures is magical and spellbinding. Get an insight into Greenlandic culture and join a "Kaffemik". You can also visit the settlement Ilimanaq outside of Ilulissat or you can hike the famous Sermermiut Valley and explore the ancient Inuit ruins. Book your optional tours on our site and check the category " What to do in Ilulissat ". 

There will be hosted a farewell dinner at Hotel Arctic for you and your fellow explorers. 


Included in the daily itinerary:

Home Visist

Iceberg Cruise (Only available if ice conditions allow)

Farewell Dinner

Day 4 - Hike to the Icefjord and Travel Back to Iceland

4 Days Winter Adventure | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

Today you will be taken by car to a viewpoint outside of Ilulissat. The drive will be followed by a short hike to one of Ilulissat's best viewpoints. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and breath in the fresh and crisp air! We hope you have enjoyed your Ilulissat winter adventure!

You will hop onboard the Air Iceland connect flight to Reykjavik around noon.


Included in the daily itinerary:

Guided Walk to Inuit Ruins

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