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Discover a variety of unique ways of being active in a fresh layer of snow! This package suits you well if you love adventures with a bit of speed.

In the winter Greenland shows its unique side of being covered by snow. Like the daylight times are longer in the summer, the dark evenings are longer in winter, but when the land is covered by snow, everything seems brighter and happier.

Kangerlussuaq is just beneath the Arctic Circle and Sisimiut is located approx. 40 km north for the Arctic Circle, which means that you’ll truly be on an arctic adventure.

Kangerlussuaq is located at the end of a deep fjord, and it’s not ironic that the name means “great fjord”. Under the 2. WW the U.S. build an airbase here, and today we know it as the gateway to Greenland! The access to the ice sheet from here is easy as you can easily drive to get there, and there are pretty good chances that you’ll see big land mammals like caribou and musk ox along the way.

Sisimiut is the 2nd largest city in Greenland with about 5.500 inhabitants. No matter what season we’re in this is the place for adventure! In the summer, the locals love to hike and bike in the mountains, and in the winter the venture out with the dog sled and snowmobiles. In fact, your adventure will be just like a locals way of life! Sisimiut is the perfect place to drive snowmobiles and definitely is a hotspot for wilderness tours in the huge and fantastic snow-covered landscape.

Here you will get the chance to ride with a dog sled and a snowmobile tour that you’ll never forget. Nature is just outside your door, so you’ll be quick to sense the difference between civilization and the wilderness. And there are excellent chances to see the northern lights.  Check out the availability by pressing “Choose a date” above.


Accommodation incl. breakfast - 4 nights
Flight from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut and back
Tour to Greenland ice sheet
City sightseeing in Sisimiut
Winter safari with snowmobile and sled
Greenlandic buffet at Restaurant Nasaasaq
Free use of skiis, snowshoes and sauna
All taxes
24/7 emergency service


Dog Sledding
Glacier Views
City Tour
Wildlife Observation


Ice Sheet

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut - day 1

Welcome to Greenland

Arrival to Kangerlussuaq, welcome to the Arctic. After you’ve checked in to your hotel the adventure begins, you’ll be going to the ice sheet by car. You might even see some caribou and musk ox on the way, as this area has some of the largest populations in Greenland! You might also see hares and even polar foxes. Because of the 4 hour difference between Greenland and Denmark, you might want to hit the bed early, but if you don’t keep a lookout for the northern lights!

Day 2
Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut - day 2

Wonderful Sisimiut

Arrival to the second largest city in Greenland, Sisimiut. After you’ve been driven to the hotel and checked in, there’ll be a tour by bus through the city and a visit to a local shop.

The rest of the afternoon is free for you to explore the city on your own, you could for example visit the museum or the market where the hunters sell their catch of the day. When it’s getting dark remember to look up, you might just see the northern lights.

Day 3
Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut - day 3

Dogsledding tour

Dogsledding is a classic way to experience the Arctic, this is a form of transport that has been, and still is, used a lot by the hunters and fishermen. You’ll get 2 unforgettable hours with the arctic dogs and you’ll feel free and wonderful in the snow covered wilderness. The appropriate pace gives you time to take it all in, both the surroundings and the sound of the dogs. The tour can be lengthened by request.

Optional activity:

Sisimiut is a hotspot for snowmobile tours because of the easily accessible backcountry that offers some amazing rides. The tour to the backcountry has a duration of about 2 hours with a couple of stops where you can enjoy the exquisite view. There will also be a 1 hour briefing before the tour begins.

Day 4
Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut - day 4

Winter safari

Enjoy the breathtaking landscape which is characterized by the snow covered mountains that surrounds Sisimiut. Sense how rough nature can be and at the same time feel how great it is to be in the wilderness.

On this winter safari, you’ll experience and feel what nature has to give while you’re sitting comfortably in a sled pulled by a snowmobile. Here in the backcountry the snowmobiles and dogsled drives can be found in plenty as well as many skiiers. On the way back we'll stop on a plateau with a view over the city and the Davis Strait, you won’t want to miss taking a few beautiful photos!

You’ll finish the day with a delicious Greenlandic buffet at the Restaurant Nasaasaaq.

Day 5
Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut - day 5

Goodbye Greenland

It’s time for you to say farewell and so long to Greenland, hopefully with a lot of great experiences. Your flight leaves in the morning, and the hotel will make sure that you get to the airport in time.

What to bring

Outdoor clothing, preferably 3 layers, warm inner layer, insulating middle layer and wind/water proof outer layer
Warm beanie
Winter boots

Good to know

The base price is for a double room, if you're travelling alone it's mandatory to book the single supplement.

You will be staying at Hotel Kangerlussuaq for 1 night, and the rest at Hotel Sisimiut

The itinerary is subject to change according to weather conditions.

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