Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland
Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

Join on this tour to Kangerlussuaq, where you will fly directly from Copenhagen to a beautiful winter wonderland - every day a new adventure will await you!

Kangerlussuaq is located at the bottom of a deep fjord, around 170 km from the coast. In winter this makes it a place with cold but stable inland climate, which means temperatures ranging between -10C to -25C but hardly any wind. 


As you fly to Greenland, you will fly over the great Inland Ice Cap, which covers more or less 80% of the country's surface. Kangerlussuaq is one of the places with the easiest access to the Ice Cap. It is around 30 km to drive from town to the Ice Cap and joining this tour, one of the things, you will experience is setting your own feet in this natural wonder. Apart from the Ice Cap, Kangerlussuaq is also one of the best places to spot some of Greenland's wildlife - reindeer and musk ox.


You will be taken out on a wildlife safari to try and spot musk oxen and reindeers, go aurora hunting at night and try dog sledging in the beautiful snow-covered landscape. 


Pack your warmest clothes and come along on an unforgettable winter adventure to Kangerlussuaq. See the availability and book your tour by pressing 'Choose a date' above.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Feb. - Apr.
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Activities: Northern Lights, Dog Sledding, Glacier Views, Wildlife Observation
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Kangerlussuaq, Ice Sheet
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 09:00.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup
You meet us at the departure location.
  • Return flights between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq

  • Accommodation at Hotel Kangerlussuaq

  • Breakfast

  • Local guides

  • Guided sightseeing tour

  • Tour to the Inland Ice Cap

  • Dogsledding

  • Wildlife Safari

  • Northern Lights tour

  • Other meals than breakfast

  • Travel insurance

What to bring:
  • Warm winter clothes, you can expect temperatures down to -25C

  • Good, warm winter boots

  • Hat, gloves, scarf/buff

  • Woollen socks

  • Toiletries

  • Personal prescription medicine if necessary

Good to know:

The price of the tour is based on two travellers, if you are travelling alone there will be a single-room supplement of 2750DKK added to the price.

Remember that it is cold in Greenland during winter and temperatures in Kangerlussuaq are usually between -15C and -25C at this time of the year. It is advisable to dress in layers, with a good insulating inner layer, preferably in wool.

There might be changes in the itinerary due to weather.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Sightseeing in Kangerlussuaq

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

Your adventure starts from Copenhagen Airport, remember to be at the airport in time, two hours before the flight is a good idea in order to have time to check-in, get through security and find your gate.

The flight to Kangerlussuaq takes around four hours. If you get a window seat and there are no clouds you will maybe start to see the massive white landscape underneath you for the last hour of the flight. When coming from Denmark, you will fly across Greenland and over the huge inland ice cap.

When you arrive in Kangerlussuaq the guide will meet you at the airport and show you to the hotel. As Kangerlussuaq is a fairly small place, it is not far to walk - your hotel is actually located at the airport, so it is just down the hall and one floor up.

You will get to your room, have time to relax for a little and in the early afternoon, there will be a guided tour around the village. Kangerlussuaq used to be an American airbase called "Bluie West 8", you will learn more about this and history of the village and get familiar with the place - learn where to find all different facilities; the restaurants, nightclub, bowling hall, swimming pool and its like.

In the evening you can have dinner at the hotel or maybe one of the other places in the village, that you have seen during your guided tour.

Day 2 - Inland Ice Cap adventure

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

After your first night in Kangerlussuaq, wake up and have a filling breakfast and get ready for today's adventure - a tour to the Greenland Inland Ice Cap.

The tour will take you out of town, the drive to the Ice Cap takes a while. Some of the way we can drive along a track and some of the way is off-road. On the way, we will drive through the huge Arctic landscape, which truly will make you feel small. Before long, the landscape will change slightly and the Ice Cap will be in front of you.

On the tour, some light refreshments will be served, while you enjoy the beautiful view. The duration of the tour will be around 4-5 hours. On the way, there will be possibilities to stop and take pictures.

For the rest of the day, you can have a look in some of the souvenir shops in Kangerlussuaq. If the cold is getting to you, look for some knitted products made from musk ox wool, which for sure is some of the warmest and softest, you will find.

Day 3 - Dogsled experience

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

Hopefully you have had a good nights sleep and a filling breakfast at the hotel. Today you will expereince what many people see as one of the highlights of traveling to Greenland - you will be dogsledding!

Buckel up for around 4 hours outside! It can get pretty cold, when you go dogsledding, so you can borrow extra warm clothes and boots for the tour.

Dogsledding is a unique way to experience the nature. Without the sound of engines, you will travel over the white landscape - in the same way as Inuit people have done for hundreds of years. The dogs are a trusted means of transportation and there is a special bond and close cooperation between the musher and his dogs. Lean back and enjoy the view. Going dogsledding requires that you are in a fairly good shape and do not have any problems with your back, as it can be bumpy at times.

Day 4 - Wildlife and Northern Light

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

You are located in one of the best places in Greenland to spot Arctic wildlife. The area around Kangerlussuaq is home to one of the world's largest populations of wild musk oxen. In addition, you also have great chances to spot reindeer. These animals are free, wild animals, so we can never exactly tell, where they will be. It is therefore not guaranteed that you will see the animals, but the chances are good - just stay alert and keep looking out for them. The tour takes around 1,5 hour and you will be driving in a minibus.

Kangerlussuaq, apart from being one of the best places to spot wildlife, is also a really good place to see northern lights - aurora borealis. In the evening, you will be taken on a tour. First you will learn about the northern lights, what makes all this green light dance across the night sky. The northern light is also a phenomenon with a lot of stories and myths connected to it - you will be told some of these stories before going out to look for the beautiful lights.

When you come back from the tour the guide will show you how to make Northern lights, as you are served a glass of Greenlandic Coffee - an experience in itself. As with the wildlife, northern lights cannot be guaranteed in advance, the chances are however good in Kangerlussuaq.

Day 5 - Return to Copenhagen

Aurora & Arctic Circle | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

It is time to get packed and prepare for leaving, but first, you should, of course, enjoy the last good breakfast at the hotel. Sit by the window and enjoy the view.

You will leave Kangerlussuaq at noon and because of the time difference, you will arrive in Copenhagen in the evening.

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