Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit

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Go on an exciting photography winter trip to Ilulissat and explore the Disko Bay with skilled tutors!

The trip will start and end in Reykjavík, Iceland. Which will give you a chance to stay in Reykjavík before and -or after the main trip to Greenland.

Ilulissat is located in the north-west. It is known for its’ beautiful nature, endless opportunities of activities and countless icebergs in the sea around the town. No wonder the name of the town Ilulissat means icebergs in Greenlandic.

At this time of the year, Ilulissat looks like a winter wonderland, with snow-covered mountains, bright coloured wooden houses and an ocean filled with icebergs in white and blue toned colours. The sunrises and sunsets are spectacularly gorgeous, with multiple colours. The days are short but the sunrises/sunsets and extraordinary sceneries make it worthwhile. There will be a possibility to see aurora borealis (northern lights) in the evenings/nights. You will have the chance to capture auroras on your camera if the sky is clear. All the tutors are experienced in taking photos of Aurora and they will share their knowledge so you can go home with good and high-quality images.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn Glacier) calves around 35 billion tons of iceberg into the sea of Disko Bay and the Icefjord each year. It is believed that Titanic sank because of that iceberg that calved from Sermeq kujalleq.

You’re going to see the sunset by boat in the Icefjord. An amazing chance to capture a stunning moment on your camera.

In Greenland, there are no roads between the settlements, only inside the towns. The only way to travel is by plane or by boat, and dog sledding in the northern part of Greenland. In Ilulissat, dog sleds have become normal transportation in wintertime for local hunters and fishermen.

You will sail to two small settlements, Oqaatsut and Ilimanaq, where the old traditions still exist, along with their culture. You will spend three nights in Oqaatsut. Here you will experience the daily life of the locals, fishermen bringing fish and occasionally seal home, sled dogs howling and being surrounded by endless nature.

There might be an opportunity to experience dog sledding and some aerial photography.

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Flights Reykjavik - Ilulissat - Reykjavik
Two nights in Reykjavik Iceland
Hotel Overlooking the icefjord in Greenland (4 nights)
Oqaatsut settlement (3 nights)
All meals
Domestic airport transfers in Iceland & Greenland
Superb short walks to fine viewpoints
Boat tours in as per itinerary
Greenlandic local life
Colourful wooden houses
Wild winter landscapes
Sunset by boat in the icefjord
Possibility of Northern lights
Ilimanaq village tour
Skilled tutors to help with everything from composition to post-processing


Northern Lights
Greenlandic Culture
City Tour
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour
Wildlife Observation
Food Tasting
Settlement Visit
Photo Tour


Ilulissat Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 1

Arrive in Reykjavik

You will get a transfer from Keflavík (international airport) to your hotel at the centre of Reykjavík. You will meet with the guides in the evening and get a brief introduction of the trip, and have dinner with them in the town.

Day 2
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 2

Fly to Ilulissat, Greenland

You will fly to Greenland in the morning, over north Iceland and Greenland ice cap.

Hotel you’re staying in is modern, well run and have a perfect view of the ocean, which is usually filled with ice floating away from the icefjord. There are many great selection of food, including vegetarian options.

In the afternoon you will explore the area by foot, looking for a potential photographic spot. You will also see the sunset over the Kangia Icefjord.

Day 3
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 3

Sail to Ilimanaq Settlement

In the morning you will sail to the settlement of Ilimanaq with a traditional wooden fishing boat. Ilimanaq is one of the oldest settlements in Greenland. You will pass the Kangia Fjord with ocean fill with enormous icebergs, which will give you an opportunity to take pictures of Kangia Icefjord from a different perspective.

After exploring Ilimanaq, The guides will try to time the perfect journey back to Ilulissat with spectacular scenery. As the sun goes down you will pass through majestic and massive icebergs, a breathtaking view.

Day 4
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 4

Explore Ilulissat

In the arctic sunrises can be really special, so hopefully in the morning you will see the sunrise lighting up the town with its stunning colors.

In the mid afternoon you will explore Ilulissat and walk through snowy landscape to find some great viewpoints over the Icefjord. The walk will go slowly so you will have time to take pictures of the immense and impressive landscape. You will be out exploring until after the sunset.

Day 5
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 5

Oqaatsut Settlement

After a good breakfast you will sail to Oqaatsut with a small private boat and stay there for 3 nights. Oqaatsut is a small settlement with around 46 inhabitants. The locals main occupation is fishing and hunting. In wintertime they fish by digging a hole on the ice and if you’re lucky you will witness that. In the settlement the school usually has 3-8 pupils, there’s a small grocery shop and a community house. The houses are made with wood, painted with bright vivid colors. Around the houses you will find various paraphernalia, like dogs, sleds, fish racks, sealskin and furs.

You will be dropped off at a sheltered harbour and you will probably have to take a short walk across the ice to get to the settlement, as the ocean freezes in winter. The hotel is in the middle of the settlement and it has warm, comfortable and well-furnished rooms. The showers and toilet facilities are shared. It has dining room with a great view of mountains and the settlement.

You will spend the days in Oqaatsut exploring and photographing the settlement and the spectacular surrounding landscape. The light pollution is minimal, so you can easily see the northern lights and capture them on your camera.

Day 6
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 6

Exploring Oqaatsut

We will continue to explore Oqaatsut

Day 7
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 7

Last full day in Oqaatsut

We will continue to explore the beauty of the settlement

Day 8
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 8

Back to Ilulissat

You will sail back to Ilulissat after eating your last breakfast in Oqaatsut.

You will arrive to Ilulissat mid morning, then you will have plenty of time to see more of Ilulissat. It will be the last chance to go explore the town and the nature, take this opportunity to see the sunset the last time and take pictures of the magnificent icefjord and majestic icebergs. You will eat dinner and watch images taken during this unforgettable adventure.

Day 9
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 9

Fly back to Reykjavik

You will fly around midday to Reykjavík. Hopefully you’ll see the sunrise for the last time and have the chance to take more photos before you leave Greenland.

You will meet in the evening for dinner to celebrate.

Day 10
Winter in Northwest Greenland | Icebergs, Glaciers & Inuit - day 10

Going home

You will transfer to Keflavík (international airport) from Reykjavík, and from there you’ll take a plane home.

What to bring

Warm and practical clothing
Winter boots
Gloves, Scarf and a good beanie

Good to know

Accommodation is included in the price. Everyone will have suite facilities except for in Oqaatsut, where you will have to share a room and bathrooms. Note that Oqaatsut is a remote small Inuit settlement. In the hotel in Ilulissat, single supplements will be available, it will ensure a single room with private facilities. Group size is maximum 12. We specialise in small-group photographic tours and workshops offering individual tuition in all aspects of the photographic process from composition and capture to the development (post-processing) of your images. We spend a lot of time on locations to ensure we get to capture the best light.

Only 4 seats left! Please allow 1-2 business days to fully confirm your spot on the tour

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