A Taste Of Greenland | Settlement Adventure in Oqaatsut | Ilulissat

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July - August
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Get a taste of Greenland with this extraordinary 6-hour dining experience, departing from Ilulissat. This tour is the perfect introduction to Greenland’s food culture, as well as the gifts that the Greenlandic nature has to offer.

This tour takes you out of town, to the small settlement of Oqaatsut. Oqaatsut is located around 13 kilometres north of Ilulissat, approximately a 45-minute boat trip. Upon arrival in Oqaatsut, we will do a short settlement tour. Oqaatsut was originally called ‘Rodebay’, named after dutch whalers, who established the small settlement as a trading station in the 18th century. 

The Greenlandic people have always lived in coherence with nature, and have always been dependent on nature’s gifts, such as fish, caribou, berries, Arctic thyme, Arctic Angelica, Qajaasat (Labrador Tea), mushrooms, harebell etc.

Oqaatsut is surrounded by endless miles of Arctic tundra and sea, with perfect conditions for Greenlandic herbs to grow undisturbed by pollution and Greenlandic wildlife to flourish.  What we find in nature, depends on the season. We will search both on land and sea for local commodities. Your guide will assist you in finding on-land commodities and everything good from the sea. 

Once you and your co-explorers are satisfied with the catches of the day, lunch will be prepared. If our skills as hunters, fishermen and gatherers fail, we have a back-up feast for you to enjoy

Do not hesitate to book this extraordinary dining experience, as you will get to spend a full day in nature, eating delicious food and immerse yourself in Greenlandic culture and history. Check the booking availability by pressing ‘Book Now’ above. 


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