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Frequently Asked Questions

About kayaking tours

1. Do I need kayaking experience to go on a tour?

There kayaking tours for all levels, and some easy tours do not need past experience. With a professional guide, stable type of kayak, and a location with calm water conditions, is it safe for everyone.That said, it would be more enjoyable if you try out kayaking close to your home for a day or two, before you come to Greenland. Then you can use your time in Greenland to enjoy the landscape and shape of icebergs, rather than concentrate on learning how to paddle.

2. Can I touch icebergs from the kayak?

An iceberg can roll over any time. Remember that only 10% of the iceberg is showing above the water, so give big icebergs a wide berth. But if an iceberg has cracked recently, there will be small pieces that you can paddle up to. They also get stranded on beaches with the movement of the tide.

3. Can I paddle a Greenlandic kayak?

The kayaks used for tours are stable and modern seakayaks. The Greenland kayak is a hunting vessel made for speed and silence, and not suitable for touring. If you’re an experienced kayaker, try visiting the local kayak club. You’ll really enjoy that.