Arctic Photography Expedition to Scoresby Sound | East Greenland

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Embark on a unique voyage with award-winning Arctic photographer Florian Ledoux! This true expedition-style photo tour will take you to the magical Scoresby Sound, the world’s largest fjord, with 12 other like-minded photographers.

We’ll be sailing with the biggest wooden schooner in Europe, the S/V Linden, which is the perfect vessel to accommodate an Arctic Expedition, with spacious accommodation, a large deck, 2 zodiacs, and even a sauna, we can arrange photography workshops and do landings to capture the landscapes and wildlife from land and sea.

The fjord is often occupied by drifting cathedrals of pure ice, graceful silent giants amongst which whales and sometimes other mammals such as seals and polar bears can be seen.

Narwhals are also a possibility but as the white polar bear they are a rare sight.

The tour starts from the remote village of Ittoqqortoormiit, a town of fewer than 500 inhabitants iced in for 9 months of the year. From there the plan is to circumnavigate Milne Island but will depend on the ice and weather conditions. 

Sailing around Milne island offers a wide variety of landscapes, including massive granite mountains, glaciers, wildlife and of course enormous icebergs. 

There is only one departure per year, so please send us an inquiry and we can tell you more about this unique trip.


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