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Multi-day Tour
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This is our most wild and long expedition that we offer. During this 11 days you will be out in the wilderness as much as possible, 9 days. This trip combines a glacier traverse of 4 days carrying all gear with you with a backpack of about 10-15 kg and some hiking peaks and incredible views over hundreds of nunataks, mountains surrounded by glaciers!

The first 4 days out you will cross glaciers, camp on snow, melting it to cook and reach view point over the entire valley and pitch the tent between colorful granite peaks. At the end of the traverse we will have time to recharge energy and get more food for the coming days.

The next 4 days are not less exciting! We will start by crossing a big glacier called Kaarale, 2.4 km wide and reach the opposite side of the fjord. The crossing of this glacier might take the whole day (4-6 hours), because it is not covered in snow and the crevasses make the way across much longer than 2,4 km. On the opposite side we will establish camp.and the mission will be to reach some peaks behind our camp from where we will admire hundreds of unnamed and unexplored peaks surrounded by glaciers, called in glaciology nunataks. 

The highlights of this trip are: glacier traverse, remote fjords, glacier travel and ice climbing, summit, wilderness camping.


The area where we will go is situated 60 km north of Kulusuk, in Tunu bay, between 2 and 4 hours by speed boat depending sea ice conditions. From here we will start our 4 days glacier traverse across huge valleys surrounded by steep mountains. At the end of the traverse we will camp in one of the most stunning location of the whole trip, in front of a calving glacier called Kaarale, situated in Sermiligaaq ford.

During the next 5 days we will have time to rest, repack our bags with new food delivered by boat and reach the wildest area of the entire trip. The plan starts with crossing from south to north the terminal part of the Kaarale glacier, which will take the whole day. After that our goal is to reach some of the nunatak peaks that are dominating the fjord of Semiligaaq. 


In this trip 2 nights are included in Hotel Kulusuk (full board). The rest 8 nights will be spent in expedition tents in the locations described above.


At arrival your guide will pick you up at the airport and from there you will reach the hotel Kulusuk by car. After making yourself comfortable you will have a meeting where the plan of the expedition will be explained. 

All our transportation to our explored areas are made with the help of the locals, the most experience boat drivers used to deal with extreme sea ice conditions.


All our guides are part of the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides and qualified Alpine trekking Guides. Beside this we also make sure to have guides with extensive wilderness first aid examinations and be qualified first responders. These for us are some of the qualifications needed to be able to guide our guests in such remote and wild places. 

All areas of East Greenland are also territory of the polar bear so this land can't be underestimated and a real precaution must be taken. We provide guiding service from guides that we totally trust that will make sure you will have the best memorable time in East Greenland.


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