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The best of South Greenland, is to be experienced on this 8 day adventure.

Come along on this South Greenland adventure, an adventure by sea and on land. Combining the two, makes for great greenlandic adventures. This tour is for anyone, in love with the wonders of South Greenland from glaciers and passing icebergs to the fruitful arctic tundra.

South Greenland is best described as the quintessence of charm. Unlike the rest of Greenland, there is easy access between the cities and attractions, both by boat and by foot.

The next 7 days will be spent exploring Erik The Reds fjord. Erik The Red settled in Greenland over 1,000 years ago and gave the country its name, today he still haunts the fjord of South Greenland, as his name lives on. The fjord holds impressively many wonders, from Norse ruins, hot springs and glaciers. The adventure takes you to several destinations around South Greenland, described in the itinerary below.

The adventure includes daily boat tours and accommodation.

You will be staying in the charming town of Narsaq. Idyllic stands horses tethered outside the Niviarsiaq Guesthouse that will accommodate you and your fellow explorers, for the next couple of nights.

You will be staying in rooms either with a double bed or a room with two single beds. If you are interested in sleeping alone, you can buy a single room as an add-on.

The adventures will take place on the Flipper 630 HT, a lovely boat with 6 seats.

Find your hiking boots and bring your binoculars! Check the booking availability by pressing Book Now. 


Boat Tour


Glacier Views

Greenlandic Culture

Hot Spring Bathing

Iceberg Views

Settlement Visit

Whale Watching


Norse Ruins

Qooroq Icefjord

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Uunartoq Hot Springs

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  1. Inu Pelli

    We had an absolutely fantastic holiday in Narsaq and the surroundings! Our lovely tour guides Ulrikka and Hans from HKM Travel made really their utmost to make us feel comfortable and let us enjoy the beautiful nature, villages and people of South Greenland. An unforgettable 10+ holiday! Also a special thank for Iluuna from Guide to Greenland for good communication and patience for my endless questions. Thank you!

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