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Experience the amazing Greenlandic nature in the best way possible! Swish over the landscape with no sound of engines - the only sound you will hear is the many stomping paws and the roaring silence of the Arctic winter wonderland.

Dogsledding has for hundreds of year been an important and reliable mean of transportation for the Inuit people. Today the dogsleds are still used for traditional purposes, such as hunting and fishing, but also for leisure. While cruising over the snow-covered plains you can enjoy the view of the rough nature of the Disko Island, which is unique and different from the mainland Greenland, with its tall basalt mountains. 

Experiencing dogsledding is fascinating, as you will not only see the nature but also the Greenlandic culture, and the strong bond between the dogs and their musher - how human and animals can work together. You can get a tiny little taste of, how the great Arctic explorers have travelled the north on their expeditions.

Do not hesitate to join in this adventure on the Disko Island. See the availability and book your adventure!


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