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Come visit the local Women’s Association house. Here you will learn about Kalaallisuut and have a first-hand experience of Greenlandic culture and traditions. “Kalaallisuut” means National costumes of Greenland/Inuit and is well worth a visit even if you are not interested in fashion or clothing.

In Greenland, the Women’s Association is very well known in every town and they have over 800 members nationally. Every week they meet each other for a cup of coffee and talk about old Greenlandic handcrafts and traditions. It is important to keep and take care of the old traditions because nowadays there are only a few who master the knowledge for making the Kalaallisuut. That is why the Women’s Association is well known, for protecting a special cultural heritage, which they try to pass on to the next generation.

You will be transported from the meeting point to the Women's Association’s house; where one or two members waiting for us to arrive. Within the 2 hours, there will be some demonstration of techniques and treatment of the seal skin and the Kalaallisuut. They will show you national costumes for both men and women, and tell stories about the costumes. You will get a chance to touch and feel with your own hands, like the suit, the pearls, and the seal skin. After Greenlandic tradition, coffee and cake will be served.

It is an interesting 2 hours if you are visiting Greenland or Ilulissat, not only to experience it but also to learn some of our traditions and culture. It also gives a different perspective and supports local initiatives so reserve your place by selecting your preferred date and clicking on Book Now.


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