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Jump aboard our ship, and experience, explore and examine the remains of the Norse Vikings with this two-hour boat tour to the Hvalsey church ruins! This tour is perfect for you, who would like to experience the incredible landscapes of South Greenland, and the interesting history of the Norse Vikings.

The luscious landscapes surrounding Qaqortoq are full of interesting historical sites, and on this tour, you will get to experience the remains of a Viking settlement in Greenland.  You will be exploring the area where the Vikings led by Eric The Red, settled when coming to Greenland in the year 985. Eric and his fellow Vikings named the area  Austurbygd, which means the Eastern Settlement. On the same grounds, the first Christian church in the country was built in 1300.

Your tour begins at the tourist ponton by Qaqortoq Harbor, here you will be introduced to your captain, who safely will take you through the vast waters of the surrounding fjord. From here a short bot tour into the fjord awaits you! Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of South Greenland, and keep an eye out for the sea creatures, inhabiting the fjord. It is possible to spot seals and whales.

The Hvalsey church ruins are said to be the home of an old Inuit legend. The story goes that Austurbygd was the ground for open war between the Norse chief Ungortoq and the Inuit leader K'aissape. According to the legend, the Inuit people led a huge attack on Hvalsey and burned down the Norsemen inside their houses. However, the chief Ungortoq managed to escape with his family but was caught near Cape Farewell after a long pursuit. 

At   Austurbygd, you will go ashore and explore the old Norse Viking ruins. Engage yourself in the area's history, examine the 6-meter tall church walls and follow the stone hedge's, surrounding the old churchyard. Hvalsey Church is a standing proof of the Norse Vikings presence in Greenland, and it is said that the Vikings would gather for yearly Christian festivals. 

In addition to all the historical sites, you'll get to see, you'll also get to experience the beautiful nature with its bright green, grassy hills in all kinds of different sizes and shapes - some steep and some soft.

Safety is important for the crew on the boat "Odin" and they are experienced in sailing in the area as well. Sailing is a nice and easy way to get to some of the top attractions close to the city. You book the trip and the captain will pick you up on one of two spots on the harbor.

Book your today,  if you would like to walk in the footsteps of the Norse Viking! Check the booking availability by pressing Book Now! 


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