Fishing in Disko Bay | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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June - September
2.5 hours
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Hop aboard and grab a fishing line! By booking this 2 1/2-hour fishing tour you will be exploring what the deep seas of Disko Bay has to offer. Together with our highly skilled captain from Ilulissat, you will be heading out on the waters of Disko Bay to fish. Disko Bay is known for its rich waters, which are inhabited by sea creatures of all sizes. From cod and seals to one of the largest whales in the world: the bowhead whale. On this tour, we will though be focusing on the smaller sea creatures: fish. Typically caught fish in Ilulissat are Arctic cod and Atlantic cod. There is no planned route, but you will be visiting the captain's favorite fishing spots and searching for fish-populated areas - a real authentic Greenlandic fishing trip! You just lean back and when the time is, your captain will provide you with the gear for your fishing exploration. Explore the deep sea's of Disko Bay by selecting your start day and pressing Book Now.




Disko Bay


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