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Witness the incredible icebergs and glaciers of Qalerallit Imaa Fjord with this four-hour glacier cruise! You will travel 80 kilometres north of Qaqortoq, cruise between gigantic icebergs and be rewarded with amazing views of a glacier branch of the Greenland ice sheet.

In Qaqortoq Harbor, you will be met by a local captain, who safely will sail you through the vast waters of South Greenland. Once you are suited with a safety vest, you can jump aboard the boat. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of vegetated landscapes and passing icebergs – it is also possible to spot seals and whales, so keep an eye out for the gentle giants.

Qalerallit Imaa Fjord holds three active and productive glacier branches, of the Inland Icecap. The glaciers calve beautiful icebergs into the fjord, creating spell-binding sceneries of white and blue nuanced ice azures, contrasting the dark blue sea.  As you make your way through the fjord, you will meet the fjords large bird colonies, and complete silence, once in a while disturbed by calving icebergs.

We will cruise in between the icebergs, to get the best views of the glacier. Cruising through the icebergs is quite an extraordinary experience.  Once we arrive at one of the three glacier branches, the captain will stop the boat, so you can enjoy the calming sound of melting icebergs. If you are lucky, you can experience the dramatic, but the beautiful sight of a calving iceberg.

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