Icefiord hike and Settlement By The Icefjord Nuuk I Kapisillit

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May - September
7 hours
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Come aboard on this customized tour, with 2 options to choose between.

Hike to the mesmerizing Nuuk ice fjord or hike and explore the settlement Kapisillit.

But whether you choose, you will travel through ice filled passages, with sky high mountains circumscribing the waters. Venture into Nuuk fjord and explore one of the largest fjord systems with Qussuk adventures.

You journey starts with traveling through the Qoornoq passage. Qoornoq passage is famous for its sky high mountains and ice filled passages, with arctic wild life flying in all directions.

If you choose to visit the mesmerizing ice fjord, you're in for a treat! Arriving at the bottom of Kapisillit bay, a 1/2 hours hike awaits. You will hike through steep hills of arctic tundra, with the mission of reaching the ice fjord. In your presence are wild caribou, hares and foxes. Let the arctic winds slip through your fingers, as you venture into the mountains. At Nuuk ice fjord, listen to the soaring icebergs and enjoy the remote desert of ice packed waters.

If choosing to visit the settlement Kapisillit, you are in for a cultural experience.

Unlike cities, another pace is found in the small settlements scattered along the coast. Kapisillit is an insight to the true Greenlandic life, outside of the capital. The settlement was established by two brothers, who discovered the rich seas. Since the town has endured prosperity and adversity, as the fish come and go as they please. Visit the old drying racks, the church and stop at the only store in town. Our hike can take you to the only salmon spawning river in all of Greenland, the surrounding arctic tundra, where wild life breeds or the majestic mountain in the backdrop of Kapisillit. This is a place where the forces of nature dominates and decides, it is a true insight to the Greenlandic lives, hidden deep within the veins of Nuuk fjord system!

Tie your hiking boots, bring your hiking sticks and binoculars for this adventure into the Nuuk fjord system. Do not hesitate to come aboard! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Book Now’’ above.


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