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Multi-day Tour
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Spend 5 days among the mountains in the wild and remote wilderness on the east coast of Greenland! In 5 days you will be doing a recreation course in mountaineering while being in the elements of nature.

This is a recreational course but done in a very wild area where everybody will learn a lot of things even if the participants have had previous experience in the mountains. The main goal of the course is to learn techniques of mountaineering, and in the end to be able to enjoy the mountains in the future with friends or clients in a safe environment.

All participants will put their newly learned skills to the test and will essentially be able to lead parts of the glacier travel routes during the last days of the course.

Topics covered in this course:

  • knowledge of the gear (slings, ice screws, ATC, t-bloc, micro-traction…)
  • basic mountaineering knots
  • descending/ ascending a rope
  • ice anchor and snow anchors
  • crevasse rescue and rope work (in different scenarios)
  • glaciology and crevasse patterns
  • hard ice movement vs snow cover glacier movement
  • route selection on a snow cover glacier
  • camping in the wilderness on a glacier
  • shirt roping and short pitching intro
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