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Do you want to learn how to take high-quality photographs of the Northern Lights? Join this tour with a  photographer to discover the secrets to successful night time photography and capture your Aurora Borealis experience with stunning imagery.

You will head out to the darkest and most scenic locations around Nuuk to put it all into practice.  Your guide will be on hand to assist, answer questions and ensure you capture the aurora in all their glory, and a warm car will be available if you need to warm up after a period of time outside.  

The guide will introduce you to the basics of night photography.They will also explain everything you need to know in order to capture the best possible photos of the Northern Lights so that you are fully equipped to make the most of your time outside.

With all Northern Lights experiences, you have to remember that the lights are unpredictable and may not appear - despite what forecasts may say. However, if you are unlucky, we can switch our focus to long exposure night photography of the city.

Pack your camera, tripod, extra batteries and warm clothing and choose your preferred date above to reserve your space now!


Northern Lights

Photo Tour

4 reviews for Northern Lights Photo Tour | Nuuk

  1. Audi

    Vagn was super helpful he took me to some great location and gave me some very useful trips. I was the only one who booked the tour on the day and he didn’t cancel on me and still gave me a ‘private tour’ around starry Nuuk. Highly recommend this tour.

  2. Ania Mauruschat (verified owner)

    Mange tak, Vielen Dank & thank you so much to Guide to Greenland for a unique experience. Although I was the only client and only had brought my iPhone with a Slow Shutter App, they took me on an incredible northern lights tour to the darkest spots of Nuuk, where we had the best view and took terrific pictures. Unfortunately, my iPhone 8 was not good enough for taking really good pictures of the Northern Lights, but the guide had brought an iPhone 10 and took some incredible pictures, which the guide shared afterward with me. We of course were very lucky that the Northern Lights showed up so nicely in time that night, however, especially thanks to my professional tour guide it became such a wonderful, unforgettable experience. I highly recommend this tour – with iPhone or proper photo equipment, and maybe even without. Ask Guide to Greenland, they help you in their warm car on the way to the next dark spot.

  3. Ania Mauruschat (verified owner)

    Diese Tour war ein einmaliges Erlebnis, nicht zuletzt Dank meines grossartigen tour guide. Obwohl ich die einzige Teilnehmerin war und lediglich ein iPhone mit Slow Shutter App und ein Tischstativ dabei hatte, hat die Guide mich auf eine fantastische Northern Lights tour an die dunkelsten Orte rund um Nuuk mitgenommen, von wo aus wir die besten Aussicht hatten und wo wir großartige Photos machen konnten. Leider war die Kamera meines iPhone 8 nicht ausreichend genug für richtig gute Photos, aber die Guide hatte sein iPhone 10 dabei, mit dem er sehr gute Bilder machen konnten, die er danach mit mir geteilt hat. Wir hatten natürlich großes Glück, dass die Northern Lights in dieser Nacht so stark und gut sichtbar waren, aber nicht zu letzt dank meines professionellen tour guide wurde diese Tour zu der wunderbaren, unvergesslichen Erfahrung, die sie war. Ich kann die Tour uneingeschränkt empfehlen – mit iPhone oder ordentlicher Photoausrüstung, und vielleicht sogar ohne alles. Fragt einfach mal bei Guide to Greenland nach, in ihrem warmen Auto auf dem Weg zum nächsten dunklen Ort herausfand.

  4. Viktor (verified owner)

    A tour with an awesome guide who is very accommodating and forthcoming with sharings about Greenland & photography.

    This tour is highly recommendated!

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