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Bring the most amazing pictures home from your winter trip to Greenland. Learn how to capture the beauty of the northern lights and bright stars over the snow-covered landscape.

While in Ilulissat you should take advantage of this tour under the clear skies full of stars and watch the Aurora Borealis dance above you. At Hotel Hvide Falk in Ilulissat town, you will meet your photography guide, who will explain about taking pictures of the northern lights and the arctic night sky.

You will learn about the camera settings over a cup of coffee or tea. Now you are ready to venture out to hike in the white landscape and feel the snow crunch under your feet, while you on snowshoes manoeuvre your way with the help of your flashlight and a professional guide.

You will be heading just outside of Ilulissat town, away from the city lights, where the darkness lets you enjoy the dancing colours of green and pink in the arctic night sky. On the tour, we will walk along the icefjord mixing northern lights with the view of huge icebergs. This hike is for everyone who wants to experience the Aurora Borealis whilst in Greenland and bring the memories back home, combined with snowshoeing over the snow-covered terrain.

With views of icebergs scattered across the Ilulissat Icefjord and absolute silence, you will get to enjoy the show of colours in the company of your fellow photographers in the safe hands of your guide and professional photographer. A great way to end a day of new experiences and excitement.

Come join this hike through the Arctic landscape in the search of Northern Lights! Bring your camera and plenty of memory on the SD card. Select your preferred date and click ​Book Now​ to reserve your place.

Please note, that there is no guarantee for northern lights.

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Northern Lights



Disko Bay

Ilulissat Icefjord

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