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Join this tour through the world's smallest capital, Nuuk, and get a sense of how the city evolves. You’ll be driven by car or bus with a professional guide who will tell you about the exciting history behind the colorful capital.

Although the capital's inhabitants are just around 18,000,  you’ll see a fascinating cross between the urban and traditional way of life. You can go to the cinema after a nice visit at the café while meeting fishermen or hunters selling the catch of the day in the market.

Like the rest of the cities in the Greenlandic coast, Nuuk is located by the coast and is surrounded by breathtaking nature - mountains and the sea play together very well in the hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere.

Nuuk is divided into 3 parts. Nuuk is the centre of the city, you’ll find the oldest part of the city, the colonial harbour, where Greenland's colonial period has begun. Here you will not only see the past because you’ll also find different restaurants and cafés with food from Greenlandic to European inspiration.

Lots of shops selling interesting souvenirs and local design. You can also find the Cultural House, National Museum as well as the local museum here.

The second part is Nuussuaq, a part of Nuuk which sprung up in the 1980s. You’ll be impressed by colourful houses and suburban life in beautiful surroundings. The third and most recent part of Nuuk is Qinngorput, which appeared at the beginning of 2000. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Nuuk to Qinngorput.

The entire city has been in rapid development and it never stops, new buildings are always springing up around the entire city. Come along and get an idea of the conditions in which the modern Inuit live.

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