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May - September
9 hours
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Spend time in nature, relax in a famous Qooqqut restaurant, try fishing, or berry picking, or go on a hike in the area where you can be lucky enough to spot eagles and caribou!

It will take us about 2,5 hours of sailing to get to Qooqqut, and around the halfway point is where we often spot whales enjoying the nutrient-rich waters of the Nuuk Fjord. We might be lucky enough to spot some, although it can never be guaranteed. You can get out on the deck and try to spot some wild animals or be cozy inside the boat reading a book, knitting or just enjoying the views.

The fjord has been known to be home to fin whales, minkes, and especially humpback whales. Besides these magnificent creatures, we might also be lucky enough to spot a seal or two!

We can see several mountains along the way, such as “Oriartorfik”, a tall mountain with the resemblance of a wave, the name means “the place where you throw up” as standing at the edge of the mountain would make anyone a little nervous.

You will have 4 hours on shore to explore the area of Qooqqut!

If you would like to fish, bring some standard gear to use, and you can try to fish in the ocean for the Atlantic cod, or redfish or try river fishing.

You can go hiking along the river, and pick berries or local herbs. Last but not least you can book a table in one and only Qooqqut restaurant and enjoy food with a good view.

This fjord is incredibly beautiful and every tour is different from the previous, so do not wait any longer and book your tour today! Just click on ‘Book Now’ above and find a date that suits you.


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