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Enjoy a summer day at the glacier front of Quinissut.  The waters here are often very calm, sometimes with a perfect mirror image of the glacier.  It is a place that is frequently visited by seals, as tidewater glaciers are good feeding spots.

The boat trip to Quinissut goes past the cliffs of Inuusat – meaning “like people”.  Meltwater from the icecap above has carved the mountain into thousands of fantasy figures – dragons, horses, shamans and whatever your imagination will draw.  The broad entrance to Kangerluarsuk (Bowdoin Fiord) to the north is a spot where you have chances of spotting narwhal.  You will need a lot of luck to see narwhal on a one day trip, as local hunter may wait 2 or 3 days for a sighting.  Hopefully, you will be lucky to see some during your stay in Qaanaaq!

Stretch your legs at Quinissut.  It is a beautiful place to walk around, with lush grass, and fantastic icebergs views.  Take care if there is a big iceberg close to shore.  It can cause a tsunami if it breaks or rolls over.  You might hear sharp sounds like thunder if the glacier or an iceberg cracks nearby.  Listen to the faint bubbling of the icebergs too, as they melt and release air from thousands of years ago.

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