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Multi-day Tour
Multi-day Tour
6 days
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Narsarsuaq Nuuk Qaqortoq
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Come along this spectacular exploration of South- and West Greenland. The adventure is paired with sailing the arctic seas from location to location and suits both the urban traveller and the outdoor person. This tour is for you, looking for an arctic introduction and a need for satisfying your curiosity of Greenland – from daily life to the spectacular nature.

Your journey starts in Iceland, where you will be departing from. Here a 6-day adventure of nature and city discovering awaits you. The flight to Greenland is one of the most scenic journeys imaginable, as you will travel high above the Greenland Ice Cap and the arctic mountain tins.

The discovery of the urban cities and the remote villages will create a sharp contrast between the paces and tempos, furthermore the diverse culture that you will get to experience on first hand. Culture, nature and history are to be explored on this West- and South Greenlandic expedition. On your days off, you plan what you would like to experience, explore and examine in wonderful, wild and vast Greenland. 

The itinerary is described below.

Pack your suitcase and bring your binoculars for this adventure! Check the booking availability and Book your tour. 


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City Tour

Glacier Views

Greenlandic Culture


Iceberg Views

Whale Watching


Norse Ruins

Qooroq Icefjord


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