The Fjord of Glaciers | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Join this exhilarating glacier-sightseeing by helicopter, taking you to deep into the Sermilik Fjord to experience one of the fjords glaciers!

On this tour, you will be visiting the Sermilik Fjord. The fjord was named Sermilik, due to its many glaciers and means ‘The place with glaciers’. In the fjord, you will be able to see the Helheim Glacier, Fenris Glacier and the Midgard Glacier. The glaciers have been frozen for over 3 million years.

You will meet us at Tasiilaq Heliport, where you will seated in our helicopter. Before takeoff, the pilot will brief you on the security protocols that apply flightseeing adventures and the highlights of this tour.

We will be setting the course northeast of Tasiilaq, and into Sermilik Fjord. As we fly above the fjord, gaze down on the crystal blue icebergs, that originates from the fjords glaciers. Due to the rising temperatures the glaciers are melting, and therefore produce tons of icebergs. The icebergs create a scenic and picturesque landscape, for you to enjoy en route. 

After a short flight time, the pilot will be landing the helicopter near one of the glacier walls, where you and your co-explorers can get a full overview of the glacier wall and a beautiful sight of the glacier rising high above in the backdrop. Enjoy the impressive scenery of glacier and icebergs, before heading back to Tasiilaq. To gaze upon the Arctic wonders of East Greenland, select your day of travel and click on Book Now.


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Sermilik Fjord


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