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Explore the streets of Uummannaq with a local guide, who will give you an introduction to both modern and traditional life in this part of the world - 450 km. north of the Arctic circle.

Meet us at the pontoon bridge in front of the hospital, where the guide will be waiting. The guide will give a brief introduction to the tour before we will be headed to the church. From the church, we will walk around the streets of Uummannaq.

Uummannaq and the surrounding area has a long and rich history dating back to the first people who lived here a thousand years. In the 1700's it was a whaling town, which brought both merchants and missionaries to the town as well. We will visit some of the old colonial houses, that were used for storage by the whalers.

Along with the historical aspect, the guide will also tell about modern life - this is not only a walk-in Uummannaq town but a walk to the heart of Greenlandic culture. 

When walking by the harbor, you'll get the opportunity to talk with the local fishermen and hunters. 

Be prepared, this might not be the last time you visit Uummannaq, because there is an old saying: When you visit Uummannaq you will lose a piece of your heart to the place and this will make you ever longing return.

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