Traditional Hunting & Camping | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Join a Greenlandic hunter in the wilderness and experience the traditional way of inland camping and hunting. Here you have the opportunity to feel and learn more about the ways of living that has supported different Arctic hunting cultures. At this camp a minimum of changes has been made due to the fact that you as a visitor are a part of the camp. In other words, you experience a hunting camp as it will be carried out when the hunter and his family are here. For millennia the inland hunting grounds have been the scene for the early caribou hunt. In former days the hunt was essential for getting the fur of caribou, which by weight is the warmest fur obtainable. As well as the antlers which was used for hunting tools. Meat was dried for conservation and could thereby by a food source lasting for winter.

Your guide will hunt, mainly for caribou, meat will be dried, skin scraped or tanned and dried for use as sleeping mats or maybe clothing, we collect wood for cooking and simply live the hunting camp life with all its aspects. Therefore there is also no other itinerary than the day and time for start and end of the tour.

As any indigenous people the Greenlanders used any new commodity that would help ease the way of living. So will we off course in this camp. We might also experiment with tanning methods used by the native Americans or others to get the best possible hide out of the caribou skin.  

The camp is situated just South of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nipisat-Aasivissuit, with its long history of Arctic cultures who had their hunting grounds in this area for millennia.


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