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Discover the Uunartoq Hot Springs, a hidden treasure of South Greenland with this six-hour excursion! You’ll get to travel through the luscious green landscape of the south, and bathe in the soothing hot springs on Uunartoq Island.

On this tour, you will take wellness to another level, as you soak in this warm and natural oasis in South Greenland. Uunartoq Hot Springs are natural hot springs and retain their 38 °Celsius water temperature throughout the whole year.

The adventure starts in Qaqortoq harbour, and takes you through an unimaginable vegetated land, among icebergs in all sizes and arctic wildlife. The journey to the hot springs is worth the trip itself. In Qaqortoq harbour you will be welcomed by a local captain, who will safely sail you through the vast waters of South Greenland. Once you are suited with a safety jacket, the tour can begin.

Uunartoq is situated on a remote island which you will be able to see from a distance, about 2 ½ hours into the trip. As you reach the island, you will go ashore and walk through the wilderness and explore Uunartoq island. The island is uninhabited but was first discovered by the Norse Vikings. It is said that the island is haunted, and therefore the Inuits did not settle on the warm grounds.

Once you arrive at the hot springs, you will change to bathing suits and jump in. As you relax in the hot water, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view. The hot springs overlook travelling icebergs and sky-high mountains. At times you will even be able to spot whales playing hide and seek between the waves.  

Put on your bathing suit and bring a towel, for this soul balming adventure to Uunartoq Island! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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Uunartoq Hot Springs


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