Village Adventure In Winter | Ammassalik Island | East Greenland

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March - April
2 days
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Join this two-day dogsled trip to a remote East Greenlandic settlement called Tiniteqilaaq.  On this dogsled adventure, you are sure to get the full Arctic experience, as you will travel through vast deserts of ice, glaciers and snow in minus temperatures, only disturbed by wildlife.

East Greenland is known for its seclusion from the rest of the world - but this very seclusion is what makes East Greenland the perfect destination for dogsled-expedition. Imagine, travelling hours by dogsled upon glaciers, across frozen lakes and through the valley of snowcovered mountains, without encountering a soul? This is what you will do on this tour, enjoying the wide spaces of nature and immersing yourself in Greenlandic culture - through the dogsled and a visit to the settlement Tinit.

Your tour departs from Tasiilaq in East Greenland and takes you across Ammassalik Island.

A place that will soothe and enchant any traveller coming across this outstanding place. Enjoy the quietness and paradise-like area, before heading back to town.

Join this great adventure and bring your walking sticks and hiking boots. Check the booking availability and book your trip!




Dog Sledding

Greenlandic Culture

Settlement Visit


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