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Igaliku is famous for being Greenland’s most beautiful settlement. A trip to Igaliku is a trip to Greenland, worth in itself.

Your journey starts with you making your way to Narsaq harbor, where you will be met by your captain. A journey between passages circumscribed by vigorous green mountain sides is waiting for you, as you venture into the Greenlandic seas on the Flipper 630 HT. When you sail the Greenlandic seas, you will often be traveling in the company of passing icebergs, humpback whales and seals.

When going a shore in Igaliku, you will immediately be enchanted by the beautiful surroundings. Your adventure starts by hiking the Kings road, that will lead to Igaliku. Sky high mountain tins with powder white snow resting on their peaks, colorful flowers and grassing sheep, is to be taken in on this breathtaking excursion.

The settlement is a popular vacation destination for the Greenlandic people, as the stunning surroundings provide balm for the soul, and so does the wonderful people of the settlement.

Igaliku offers several outdoor activities. Rent a kayak and explore the waters. There is also the possibility to hike the surrounding arctic tundra.

If interested in culture and history, visit a Greenlandic farm, search for vanished ages in the Norsemen ruins of the Gardar Cathedral for the bishop and the 1000 year old irrigation system, that today still is used by the inhabitants. For a spiritual get-away visit the local church.

This is a private tour, including 1 to 6 passengers.

Tie your hiking boots and bring your binoculars for this beautiful tour! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’Book Now’’ above.


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Norse Ruins

UNESCO World Heritage Site

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  1. Kirsten Isager Henriksen

    meget smuk bygd, virkelig spændende rundvisning i Nordboruiner

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