Winter adventure package | Kangerlussuaq & Sisimiut

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Multi-day Tour
February - April
5 days
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Kangerlussuaq Sisimiut
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Discover a variety of unique ways of being active in a fresh layer of snow! This package suits you well if you love adventures with a bit of speed.

In the winter Greenland shows its unique side of being covered by snow. Like the daylight times are longer in the summer, the dark evenings are longer in winter, but when the land is covered by snow, everything seems brighter and happier.

Kangerlussuaq is just beneath the Arctic Circle and Sisimiut is located approx. 40 km north for the Arctic Circle, which means that you’ll truly be on an arctic adventure.

Kangerlussuaq is located at the end of a deep fjord, and it’s not ironic that the name means “great fjord”. Under the 2. WW the U.S. build an airbase here, and today we know it as the gateway to Greenland! The access to the ice sheet from here is easy as you can easily drive to get there, and there are pretty good chances that you’ll see big land mammals like caribou and musk ox along the way.

Sisimiut is the 2nd largest city in Greenland with about 5.500 inhabitants. No matter what season we’re in this is the place for adventure! In the summer, the locals love to hike and bike in the mountains, and in the winter the venture out with the dog sled and snowmobiles. In fact, your adventure will be just like a locals way of life! Sisimiut is the perfect place to drive snowmobiles and definitely is a hotspot for wilderness tours in the huge and fantastic snow-covered landscape.

Here you will get the chance to ride with a dog sled and a snowmobile tour that you’ll never forget. Nature is just outside your door, so you’ll be quick to sense the difference between civilization and the wilderness. And there are excellent chances to see the northern lights.  Check out the availability and book your winter adventure now! 


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