Going on a fishing trip was something I looked forward to doing here. I thought it was fun to see if I could catch some fish that we don’t have in Norway. I didn’t have too high expectations to catch a fish, because I know that fishing requires patience, but apparently not here in Greenland!

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordWe were only fishing by waterfalls so I guess that's where the fish gathers. 

We threw out the first fishing line as we arrived at the fishing spot, and it didn’t even take 5 minutes until we had two cods on the hooks! We had two fishing lines that we switched on, and I was really excited to try when it was my turn. I wanted to catch a redfish because I’ve never seen one while fishing before, and I know they are extremely rare in Norway. And it didn't take long until I got a redfish too!

An amazing day in Nuuk Fjord

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordThe redfish have poisonous spikes on the fins. It’s not dangerous for humans, but it could hurt and someone can get an allergic reaction and swell up. So we cut the spikes off right away to be sure no one got stung.

Some moments have passed and I’ve caught one redfish, one cod, and one fjord cod. Despite being satisfied with my catch, I decided to try my luck one more time before heading back. And I’m happy I did because I caught a 4.2 kg redfish! The tour guide said it was approximately 50 years old.

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordHe also said that the world record weight on a caught redfish is 7.5 kg, which means I was only 3.4 kg from breaking a world record!

I didn’t want it to end now when I had this fishers luck, so when I heard it was a free spot on the Catch'n'Eat tour as well, I decided to join. Now we went further out in the Nuuk fjord where we fished before going to a restaurant. Altogether I caught 2 cods and 5 redfish. At the restaurant, they cooked the fish that we caught and served it to us. The food was delicious!

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordThey served a Tom yum soup with the redfish as a starter.

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordFor the main course, they served redfish and cod cooked in three different ways.

I didn’t want to eat the big redfish at the restaurant, so I decided to bring that back home and put it in the freezer for another time. If you are familiar with any good redfish recipes, please let me know because I have never cooked redfish before!

It has been a long day and it was time to head back home. The sea breeze and the food made me very sleepy, so I looked forward to getting back home. About halfway to Nuuk I can see the tour guide talks in the walkie talkie and slows down the speed. My immediate thought was that it has been an accident nearby. But then I see a co-passenger points out in the water and shouts “Whale!”.

An amazing day in Nuuk FjordSomeone told me that it is easier to find whales in the fjords because the water is warmer there and therefore more food.

I stood up and scouts over the sea for whales. Then I see a whale swimming up to the surface, and down again. It was a beautiful sight. But then I see another one - and one more! Whales were swimming around everywhere and it was breathtaking.

I couldn’t count how many, but it was maybe eight or more. Someone pretty close, and some further away. I even saw a whale jump.

After filming back and forth like crazy, I hope I got some good footage of the whales. I spent almost the whole day out on the sea, and it’s something I definitely would do again. I had so many great experiences in one day!

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